Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One soft early evening last week

we gathered in the cement courtyard, a dove looking from above.
Ollie and Augustus were doing their thing.
Ollie showed me how to do side bends since I told him about my waist problem.
Augustus suggested that I soak up the rays of sun instead, and that I did gleefully.
Ollie got side tracked and fell into a trance.

I gauged that these two cat boys were not going to be able to assume a posture of reading and learning on this peaceful afternoon. After consultation they suggested some music.

This was their request.

Subsequently they were encouraged to fill their paws with delicious cat kisses, which they joyfully blew in the air. We hope you received some.



  1. ollie looks like he has lost weight. i think those side crunches are working!

  2. yes, and that is why i am taking his advice instead of yours xoxo

  3. Ooooh, Andy Grammer, I likes':)

  4. Love that song, your boys, and Augustus' recommendation of taking in the sun rays. xoxo

  5. enchante'- so lovely seeing you xoxo

    susan- the boys picked the song?!?! Imagine my surprise! xx

  6. Too cute! Thanks for your seet comment, Mona. Always a joy to hear from you! xx

  7. Oh Ollie, he is the best! Does he have a fan club already? I´d love to join in ; )!

  8. oh those rockin' cat dudes!
    however: music INSTEAD of readings?? hope the boys stay on the straight and narrow....


  9. Mette, Ollie would love a fan club but I won't be able to keep up with him. xo

    Andrea...your kisses arrived and were enjoyed

    marie- the boys did slack off but they are getting back in shape...thank you for the encouragement. xoxo