Monday, May 2, 2011

Momenst with Cat Boys...

Last week, and in fact most days, Augustus gives me love bites, sometimes accompanied by foofs.
Ollie enjoys watching the attacks and is proud of his courageous brother.
Ollie knows what to do when he spots his scratching post walk by,
a good long stretch. Please check those claws!
Augustus likes to study nature but to do so he sometimes has to lay on his side.
Here he is studying a big insect.

Ollie runs to and fro a lot,
which results in tired paws! Those are some dirty little pink paws!
Augustus also gets tired paws, which he rests on his sheepskin.

Early this morning we decided to start the week on the right foot, so we went out, read this:
"...eveyone must consider at the end of each day what have been his actions. If he finds something which would please God, he must thank Him and pray to be strengthened to do this good act throughout his life; but if his actions have not been approvable or honest, he must earnestly ask God for strength to do better."
Star of the West, V9(8), p 96

and then the cat boys made kisses for everyone and blew them in the air.
Wishing you a great week with sunshine and smiles,



  1. Good to see you and the boys Mona! Here's to a good week. xoxoxox Ro

  2. cat yoga! :)

    ha! my word verification is:

    think it knows what I make? hmmm!

  3. The love bites shot is so cute and Ollie does look very proud.

  4. Ro- a good week indeed, I think we all should have a lovely week here xoxo

    Kerin- we have been missing u, and 'rings' is like music to my ear...yes, IT KNOWS : )

    Susan- I have love marks on my arms and thighs xoxo

  5. PuCat often gives me (& hubby) those love bites...but only when he sneaks up behind me on the back of my chair & grabs...i mean...kisses the back of my neck!

    i guess i bring out the wild cat in wounds & all, dear God!

  6. Hannah- Gussy is very attached to sheepskin, he thinks it is his mom : )

    Nancy, you lovely wild cat, I mean woman! I think PuCat thinks you are a gorgeous kitty! xoxo

  7. That pic of auggie on the sheepskin is A-dorable!!!! Too cute I tell you. Lordy do ollies claws look fuuurrroscious!

  8. You have two very lovely cats! I hope you have a wonderful week.

  9. Amanda. Guss loves the sheepskin. Ollie wants one too, he may opt for cowhide! xoxo

    ShannonAnn-Great to see you...we wish you a great week too! xoxo

  10. Those guys...
    Gosh I just love cat feet...Claws and all.
    M, these are some fantastic shots!