Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These lovely cat boys....

Ollie was singing the blues
and Augustus was listening
when a faint stir led him to investigating...
My goodness I thought...this is one giant possum!
The cat boys drove the possum into a corner and wondered what to do next.
As evidenced from this photo, they decided to do nothing.
Within seconds of this exciting discovery, MrSweetPants was relaxing with contentment
and MrPuffyPants who appeared slightly agitated
soon succumbed to a more
rested position! That a boy!
Here MrSweetPants is showing how he fills his paws with kisses.
While Gusser was busy making kisses Ollie sang this song for me. "That a boy!", I thought. These lovely boys!

Ciao everyone!


  1. My goodness that is a large possum!

  2. Possum!!!!
    Lucky boys...

    Did Gusser strum his whiskers whilst Ollie sang? Plucking like that musician on stage? ;P

    Kisses all...

  3. oh, my!
    ollie and augustus are hunter-boys!

  4. Susan- that was a large one, yikes! We are lucky he was not brave.

    Andrea- poor creatures don't look very attractive; and yes, Gusser did strum his whiskers...they make quite a team like the blues brothers xoxo

    mamabeaks-great to see you, and love back to you

    marie- the boys are hunters indeed; to make up for the one that they let go Gussy caught a rat the same day and beat him around for a while...Ollie watched and cheered...we gasp xoxo

  5. Cats have such short attention spans. Mine go insane for something--for example, my kitty Roy yanked the tortillas off the shelf and was obsessed with pulling them out of the bag and shredding them--he was on a MISSION. The moment I threw them away, he totally forgot what he was doing :).

  6. A busy morning for those two! Glad they are relaxing and storing up their energies for future adventures....xv

  7. Hannah- Roy is so funny! I sometimes wish I were more like them, they don't stay mad for too long : )

    Vicki-yes, they know how to pace themselves...they like to dine with the Queen too! xo

  8. Auggie is so damn cute...and look at that shiny coat. Such pretty markings..oh and that ollie aint so bad either!
    And the possom...not cute at all I hate those things!