Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Cat Advice

I would be telling the truth if I stated that I feel immensely lucky to have two cats with differing opinions for consultation. So for example yesterday I told them that I was so tired, that I have a busy semester and all. They both agreed that I better tighten that belt and plough through; however, each had a suggestion.

Augustus suggested some neck exercises.

while Ollie suggested that I practice balance daintily if possible.

Frankly I think they both have good ideas. Then together we read this:

"...Say: No man can attain his true station except through his justice. No power can exist except through unity. No welfare and no well-being can be attained except through consultation."

Then Ollie suggested that he would sit in the courtyard for one hour each day and give advice to whosoever showed up.

The cat dudes made pawfuls of kisses and released them in the air for your mid week enjoyment!

Ciao everyone!


  1. One hour? Not only brilliant and cute but generous!


  2. Ro- and it is entirely free at this point! xoxo

  3. pick me! i want to come sit at the feet [paws?] of the wise ones and let them impart their wisdom upon me. kisses too.


  4. Free advice from Ollie? Sold.

    Kisses back to you and your boys.

  5. Oh I need advice, put him on skype, please?

  6. marie- you will be covered with feline smooches, they don't forget who sent them Alaskan salmon...beware, beware!

    Susan- I know you too will have much to talk about. He told me he loves you. : )

    Carolina- I will put him on Skype, tell me when. Frankly he talks a lot and I would be happy to let him air his girevances to you. xo

    Thank you Ladies...Ollie will be besides himself when he finds out that he will have visitors : )

  7. Darling philosophers, so darned true, lucky you:)

  8. If you receive strange letters featuring scratches and an attempt at the word "meow", those are from Jane and Jones, asking questions we cannot provide the answers to here in SJ!!!


  9. Ha ha ha...Allison, you had me rolling on the floor! xoxoxo

  10. So great! Since I have not followed your blog from the very start, I´d wish to know the age of your boys. If they were girls, I´d politely withdraw my question.

  11. Dear Met, The boys are three and a half...they are young cat lads! I will stop by later but running to class now. xoxo

  12. I think I need some of those neck exercises....Hope you have a terrific weekend. xx