Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two cat boys giggle under these blue and lavender skies

The jacaranda is in full bloom. We live on a lavender street. I don't know why but I never considered light lavender to be a real color!
The cat boys are finding this somewhat strange.
Look at them look at each other!
Now they have the giggles!
I show them the butterfly
and Ollie does this- I think he is mesmerized, he says that he can see better and besides the kisses he makes fly right up into the air.
Gussy gives him the gentle glance...his brother is juvenile!

We kept this thought in our head because we felt that we had to.

"The betterment of the world can be achieved through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct." quoted in Advent of Divine Justice

Cat boys were more than pleased to make kisses and blow them in the air...it must be the lavender!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Our jacaranda bloom late up in the Bay Area: definitely a favorite time of year for me, too!!
    Like living in a Dr. Suess book!!


  2. Carolina-I brush his teeth so they shine for pictures xo

    Sunny- They are surreal...our streets become all stained, you are lucky that you get them later, perhaps not all of a sudden like here...You look so elegant with that dreamy hairdo xoxo

  3. The jacaranda is gorgeous!

    Do you really brush Ollie's teeth?


  4. I am sucker for flowering trees. The purple ones are beautiful...

  5. Susan- the jacaranda is gorgeous but it really stains the sidewalks big time. And the answer is yes, he has a tiny little brush and a chicken flavored toothpaste. It is quite an experience btw. I don't brush Gussy's though, too much work each night. xoxo

    Hannah- I too love flowering trees...when I lived in TN, the dogwood was the most amazing. I have a couple of poems to read and I am looking forward to them. xo

  6. Jacarandas are amazing, I love this time of year walking under pale purple trees in the village when the lawns and sidewalks sport lavender carpets.

    I can see it had the same effect on the boys.


  7. absolutely lovely tree.
    absolutely funny cat dudes.
    absolutely grand quote.


  8. Ro- why do I think we are the only ones who have these?!!! Perhaps because this is the only street in Pasadena that is entirely lined with them? I bet it is gorgeous there, far more gorgeous than in our busy city...I must return xoxo

    marie-thank yous from the three of us...we had to memorize the quote because unless one truly believes in it nothing will change in this crazy world, and you noticed xoxo

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  10. We are so behind on the blooming. Too much rain and not enough sunshine. They are trying though. I mailed your package out today! I'm so very glad that this piece became yours! xo sam*