Friday, June 3, 2011

June ....

The cat boys know that next week is final's week, and then comes graduation. I feel the same way, something lifts off my shoulders, and we three sit down and make plans for books to read, things to do, etc., etc.
Here's MrSweetPants, no introduction needed I am sure.
Here's MrPuffyPants, no introductions needed again. He is always plotting, sitting in the pot right above MrSweetPants!
"What is this look?", I ask him, "What do you have in mind?".
He said that he was not telling. He plays innocent with me.

We reflected on this:

"God has given man a heart and the heart must have some attachment. We have proved that nothing is completely worthy of our heart's devotion save reality, for all else is destined to perish. Therefore the heart is never at rest and never finds real joy and happiness until it attaches itself to the eternal. How foolish the bird that builds its nest in a tree that may perish when it could build its nest in an ever-verdant garden of paradise.

Man must attach himself to an infinite reality, so that his glory, his joy, and his progress may be infinite. Only the spirit is real; everything else is as shadow..." (Divine Philosophy)

We three reflected and then the cat boys made their usual bundle of kisses, which they blew in the air for their friends. Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. I spent a good deal of my 20's traveling around this country and others. and the most freedom I felt was the day I gave away all of my attachments. The material ones, yes for sure, those went to goodwill, but the emotional ones too. I gave up boredom, and jealousy, and worry. I have been free from their restraints ever since, and it truly is heart-happy. Living without fear in your heart is the only way to get things done... thing that matter, at least.
    here's to a wonderful weekend without any fear!
    xo sj*

  2. Trying to figure out what our true reality is, is difficult for most of us I think. I agree with Samantha that living without fear is where one wants to be. It is easy to be peaceful in heart when you have such good buddies as companions. Enjoy your weekend. X's

  3. ShannonAnn- I agree wholeheartedly that key is living without fear, if we are connected to a source of love we can live without fear, and in my case, I need a source of love and two furry companions and a sylvester cat xoxo

  4. mister puffypants always looks like he's trying to be innocent about something: i love his little smoochy face.

    augustus always looks so pensive and wise: i love HIS little smoochy face, too.

    what a glorious reading today. just when i'm trying to detach from my earthly goods and attach to things eternal, you go and post THIS.

    i thank you, mona.


  5. I found you blog to be very uplifting. Your photos are superb and you capture the feeling and mood of these precious cats
    I am looking forward to following your posts

  6. I am sure that you're looking forward to a rest from your busy year! Have a great wknd! xo

  7. What books do you plan to read?

    I am envious of the handmade shoes you wrote about at Want & Worth. That must have been a wonderful experience.

  8. marie-we love your visits; I too like to give up many things but key is not to let our earthly things possess us; we don't really have to give them away unless it is cluttering too much xoxo

    helen- what a lovely encouraging comment...we love to see you again : )

    Anne- I will be happy with a little less busy, ALWAYS : )

    Susan- I have a list of books and I will have to share with you later as my brain is not functioning now (actually i bought two earlier anticipiating the end of semester)- and yes, I did love custom made shoes...why are you not here so we could meet a lot xoxo