Monday, June 13, 2011

When June gloom burns off

there is clarity. We look up at the blue skies, what a change from the dreary morning...clarity.
I noticed that Augustus wanted to sit and chat, he was in that sort of a mood.
Then I saw Ollie, and detected that he was in a similar mood, reflecting, meditative. Not know quite what to discuss I ask Ollie what he thought we should be striving for, a difficult question for a normal cat.
He scratched his head before talking, and I was sure that he would say something related to expanding the farming of tuna and salmon, or installation of more bird feeders in the yard.

Ollie came up with this list of things we three should be striving for:

"the worthy service of unifying mankind","investigating reality and promulgating international peace", "progress and development of humanity", "spreading and proclaiming true education", "expression of love towards your fellow creatures", "the removal of prejudice", "blend together human hearts and give light to the human world"
... (Promulgation of Universal Peace 334)

"Whoa", I said.
I could not contain my amazement but Gussy who trusts the inner abilities of his puffy-pant-wearing brother did not flinch. He was just enjoying hearing these thoughts.
He assumed his usual reflection posture,
and then started making kisses for everyone. This is what he could do today.
They sent off kisses and their best wishes for a lovely week for all of their friends. Enjoy!

Ciao everyone.


  1. That was a beautiful discussion with the felines. They are so wise and obviously believed in the goodness of the spoken word. Words are not needed when kisses can be blown.
    Beautiful post

  2. oh helen- you made their day : ) sending you love

  3. Even if world peace does not seem attainable inner peace is.

    I appreciate your thoughtful words delivered in the breeze with kitty kisses though my dogs might be jealous.

    Here's to a good week soul sister!

    xoxo Ro

  4. Ro- inner peace it is then dear soul sister xoxo

    Carolina- yes, Ollie is deceptively wise...I call him Confucius-Cat sometimes xo

  5. OMG those boys are so cute I can't stand it!!! And who needs peace!

  6. Mona, I love your spirit.

    I'm sending hugs and kisses to you.

  7. love it: you and the boys, sitting and chatting and pondering....

  8. Amanda- cuteness vs peace, perhaps cuteness is it : )

    Susan- same to you dear friend xoxo

    marie marie- we do a lot of that, thank you always for your encouragement xoxo

    alice- I agree that his list was long, and now he has to work towards it...great seeing you Miss Yoga Master xoxo