Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fresh Eyes

To Augustus

and Ollie
every hummingbird sighted is the first they ever saw. They are mesmerized.

Sweet Pants (Gus) and Puffy Pants (Ollie) hummed to this before sending humming kisses.



  1. how wonderful it is to view the world through the eyes of the cat dudes!

    [thanks for the link to the video!]


  2. they have fresh curious eyes...and marie, I know you will enjoy the music xx

  3. Greetings From Southern California

    I added myself to follow your blog.

    I invite you to visit and follow TOGB.

    Have a Nice Day :-)

    BTW, Great Kitty Cat Photos!

  4. Greetings to you as well MrGeezer, what an outstanding life story you have. We appreciate your invitation and promise to visit every now and then. Best wishes.

  5. Dear Mrs. How did stretch get his ear notched? Did he ride a Harley before he lived with you?

    Too cute, hummingbirds are magical little spirits.

    xo Ro

  6. Ro- our next door neighbors, on the other side of the wall put food out for stray cats, they think it is a good idea, and as a result there are always stray cats out there who are wild. One of the cats tore his ear. We have not been able to teach him to run away from big cats!
    Hummingbirds are my favorites, truly...I can never see enough of them! I hope you have a great weekend. xo

  7. Our Brownie got his ear torn as well, but the pieces healed back together so it's more of a seam than a tear.

    Our kitties are also mesmerized by humming birds and send kisses to your boys.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  8. Susan- well, that was lucky that his ear healed properly. Gussy becomes quite fussy and we cannot do much about it...I try to photograph him at angles where the split is not obvious, our little baby!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend as well! xoxo

  9. Here in TN all ferral cats have notched ears to show that they have been fixed. So just tell his friends that he has had a hard knocked life (or maybe he was in a bar fight!) and he'll get instant street cred!

  10. I loooove hummingbirds. How magical.

    Your Tom Selleck (sp?) dream cracked me up--too funny!

  11. Amanda- you are too funny, that's what I thought to myself, other cats better watch out for him now

    Hannah- I cracked myself up too, I have never ever been so was the most awesome nightmare turned delicious! xo

  12. Silly as it sounds, I love something about a little ear notch. I think it started with rabbits (well, directly with Watership Down), but there is just something so worldly and biker tough about a little missing flap of cartilage.

    Augustus the Bad Ass [Kitty Boy]. I may have to call him that from here out.

  13. ...and to follow Kelly's lead...a little Van Goghe~sque as well!

    i thought you were going to tell us he was a pirate in his past life & the bloomin earring tore away in a storm...aegggggggh!

  14. hummingbirds are mesemrizing to felines and us non-felines as well! Great photos. Have a great week! xo

  15. Kelly- he is biker tough outside and pussy mellow indoors. I try to discourage his biker-tough attitude because he is always the one with the scars...but I will pass on the compliment. He is a bad ass kitty indeed and I am sure he would send you these xxxx

    Nancy- ha ha, earring tore off...well, now that you mention, he does like to adorn himself with jewelry from time to time but I am putting an end to earrings all have one missing!!! xoxo

    Anne- I agree, we just cannot get enough of those birds...happy new Monday to you x