Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last night I went to hear my teacher friend talk. She teaches creativity, child development and curriculum development at a school in Long Beach. She was going to talk about "Practice". When I returned home I called the curious cat boys who always want to know everything to sit in the courtyard so I could tell them about this talk.

I called out for Gussy..."Gussy, where is my Gussy?"
"Come on SweetPants...come to the courtyard."
Ollie was already in the courtyard...taken over by catnip perhaps.
When I called for PuffyPants, he just rolled around.
"You called me", he said.

"Yup, I called you, angel breath!"...notice his ears change position, he is so talented.
I asked them to assume a posture of learning and this is what we got...

I shared one quote from the handout my friend had prepared:

"O Jalal! Upon thee be My glory! We commend the friends of the true One to good deeds perchance they may succeed and act in accord with that which hath been revealed from the heaven of command. The benefit of the utterance of the merciful One goes to those who practice. We beg of God to strengthen them in that which He loveth and approveth, to enable them to act with justice and equity in this irrefutable command, to make known unto them His signs and to direct them unto His right path." (BWF-202)

We three liked the idea of practicing good deeds, and if we did not succeed, we would practice again.

At this point I noticed that Ollie was looking at Gussy like this:

I think he wondered if he and Augustus were listening to the same reading.
Yes? No? Perhaps?

The precious cat boys did not waste any time, they filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air for their friends, that was one of their good deeds for the day.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Well Angel Breath must have made it to his appointment :)

    Creativity, taught, really??
    I'll be thinking about that today......xoxox

  2. Yes, practice. That's what I keep telling myself as I sew.

    Kisses to your cat boys, sweet pants and angel breath!

  3. Ro-Angel Breath did make it...hurray for kitty mom! I suppose she does not teach creativity, rather she releases it by a procedure she called scaffolding (setting higher expectations), encouragement and something else. Good to see you! xoxo

    Susan- you and I both- I have a long list of practices xoxo

    Sunny- muah muah right back at ya'

  4. Aw, what sweet CB's! Hope you're having a great week! xo

  5. We three liked the idea of practicing good deeds, and if we did not succeed, we would practice again.

    I love this quote - and for me I shall practice, practice practice

    Thanks for the enjoyable post
    PS I am unfamiliar with BFW 202 can you explain the source.

  6. Sounds like an interesting talk, certainly....I love hearing people talk about what they are so passionate about.

  7. Anne-cat boys and I love your visits xo

    helen- we liked the quote for the same reason, I suppose we are not excepted to succeed immediately but practice...BWF is a compilation, Baha'i World Faith. I believe that each volume has history, talks, etc in it.

    Hannah- the talk was great and she is incredibly passionate about her field, she makes the most unable person create something! Wishing you a happy weekend.

    Met- aah that Ollie wants to move to your house now...would you take him? xo

  8. Goodmorning Mrs. Little Jeans
    Thank you kindly for explaining BWF to me. It is always enlightening to hear the goodness of faith and the common thread which run through each.Let's hope that one day we will see a world united in goodness.