Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Perfumed Silence

is the thought that came to our minds, the three of us, as we relaxed in each other's presence.
Augustus obliged, and hung around for a while, sending a look this way and one the other.
Ollie had found the right spot in the humble disorderly grass of our disorderly backyard.
Ahh, look at that glance! I felt the strong urge to give him 199 kisses but did not want to disturb his peace.
Since his grand words in the last blog post I thought that perhaps I should call him Confucius. I will be thinking about that.
Just to test him and to make sure that this outpouring of genius was not accidental I decided to ask his opinion on another profound topic- that of powe

I told him that I knew what the contemporary understanding of power was- it is a zero sum game in which the power of one side is derived at the expense of another.

I wanted to know what was his spiritual understanding of power.

He was startled yet prepared!
He said that power was a force that was infused into a relationship or emerges therefrom once there was harmony within, such as the power of love.

Then he quoted an eastern spiritual teacher on this topic:

"In the world of existence there is indeed no greater power than the power of love for when the heart of man in aglow with the flame of love, he is ready to sacrifice all-even his life." (Abdul-Baha in Promulgation of Universal Peace?)

I felt quite amazed but I had to conceal my emotions of pride and love, just making sure it does not go to his head.

You may think from all the Ollie photos that I am biased towards him, over Augustu

I assure you that that is not the case. On this particular morning Augustus was flying left and right and I could not take any more pictures or chat with him longer!!!

The two cat boys eventually gathered for kiss-blowing, paws were filled juicy kisses and sprinkled on top with best wishes, and they blew them out for their friend

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Man.
    Might we all love that well.

    And that perfumed silence you speak of? I was in it last night on the side of the mountains, knee deep in wildflowers...someone needs to bottle the smell of summer.

  2. Startled face = HA!

    But truly, love-wisdom does pour from that fuzzy little nugget.

  3. Dogs are not such deep thinkers but just the other day Banjo asked me why with felines "litter" is a sneaky way of not saying the word "poo" but when it comes to dogs it makes reference to their babies. She can be sensitive at times.....I gave her a piece of cheese :)


  4. Augustus is a flier, of course! Beautiful photos of the cat boys...and Ollie hit the nail on the head with his quote on love.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. ollie is SO wise, but look at that augustus FLY!
    i love them both, for all reasons.

    the reading: i sighed DEEPLY upon reading it.

    sending love and kisses your way....

  6. " which the power of one side is derived at the expense of another."

    So unfortunate that this is true. I would absolutely not be able to afford that sort of power. No thank you.

    Here's to the sun and the felines and the summer flowers. That's my kind of power. mmm.

  7. Thank you for the lovely words dear friends...cats are basking in joy now. : )

  8. I love your posts on my daughter Hannah Stephenson's blog, The Storialist, so I had to check out yours. Loved it. Am also a cat lover. Your cats are gorgeous!

  9. I knew all along that we see more shots of Ollie because he's kind of laid back, a surfer dude. Love that glance.

  10. plus one = 200...
    Kisses that is!

    I've missed you!

  11. Augustus the flying cat, that is perfect!
    I should draw him as the super extraordinary flying cat!

  12. Hope you have a beautiful week, Mona! xo