Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why do I get the giggles

every time I see this dude run towards me? Is it because of his determined pace, his resoluteness, or is it that he plump cute? I usually pick him up and kiss him on his little pink lips.
Of course I do the same Augustus, no doubt.
They take turns standing by me, I suppose it means that they are my owners for that time.

Yesterday afternoon was like this. The clouds burnt away in the afternoon left behind just the kind of weather that us cats like.
Ollie wanted to know if there was something that I needed to discuss with him. He is still offering his consulting services.
His only customer, the squirrel, does not trust him and so he drapes himself far away on a branch.
Augustus only watches from behind. He often wonders about his brother with a heart filled with love.

He is always there ready to defend him.

On a different note, we were discussing excellence and perfection. I wondered if the boys knew what those attributes of perfection were. They read from heart:

"Other attributes of perfection are to fear God, to love God by loving His servants, to exercise mildness and forbearance and calm, to be sincere, amenable, clement and compassionate; to have resolution and courage, trustworthiness and energy, to strive and struggle, to be generous, loyal, without malice, to have zeal and a sense of honor, to be high-minded and magnanimous, and to have regard for the rights of others." Secret of Divine Civilization

Next time I won't ask. Cat boys readily made kisses and blew them in the air. I am sure there was one in there for each and every one of you.



  1. You love him because he is plump cute, of course!

    If I were that squirrel I wouldn't trust Ollie either.

  2. be careful not to make Mr. Little Jeans jealous! :)

  3. Susan, I agree, he is plump cute and the way his body moves as he walks just kills me.

    kerin- not a chance, I think he likes them more than he likes me : )

  4. :D
    Sometimes it is best NOT to ask...

    Love to you M and those boys too of course!

  5. I was here despite what blogger says :-).

  6. Ollie has a charming " worried " look in his eyes, and you manage to catch it every time.
    It is really hard to get fine pictures from dark ( black ) animals.
    How do you manage to capture the impression of the darker ones?

  7. ....a sense of be high-minded....
    these words describe your two cat dudes: looking out for each other
    AND for you!

    good to see you.
    good to catch the kisses in the wind!

  8. They are adorable little furry creatures. Hope that you have a terrific week! xx

  9. Dear friends....thank you for your visits, these days have become so short...we will be visiting you very soon. xoxo