Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A butterfly for their fuzzy hearts...

Proud with his recent squirrel chase, Mr Puffy Pants is on the lookout, looking out to the left and to the right! Things looked promising...the same budding tree, and the same blue skies as the day of the squirrel chase! Brother Augustus who has a keen eyesight spots a little white butterfly in the rose patch He gets on the ground and flaps his arms around to tell Ollie that he has spotted a butterfly... In no time Puffy Pants and Gussy Gus assume the butterfly hunt pose! After some trying one kitty loses interest and chooses to simply watch the butterfly while the other kitty, My Puffy Pants appears to be falling in love! The butterfly did not fall prey and we ended up discussing a rather long reading, which gave them much satisfaction...

The honor and exaltation of every existing being depends upon causes and circumstances. The excellency, the adornment and the perfection of the earth is to be verdant and fertile through the bounty of the clouds of springtime. Plants grow; flowers and fragrant herbs spring up; fruit-bearing trees become full of blossoms and bring forth fresh and new fruit. Gardens become beautiful, and meadows adorned; mountains and plains are clad in a green robe, and gardens, fields, villages and cities are decorated. This is the prosperity of the mineral world.

The height of exaltation and the perfection of the vegetable world is that a tree should grow on the bank of a stream of fresh water, that a gentle breeze should blow on it, that the warmth of the sun should shine on it, that a gardener should attend to its cultivation, and that day by day it should develop and yield fruit...

The exaltation of the animal world is to possess perfect members, organs and powers, and to have all its needs supplied. This is its chief glory, its honor and exaltation. So the supreme happiness of an animal is to have possession of a green and fertile meadow, perfectly pure flowing water, and a lovely, verdant forest. If these things are provided for it, no greater prosperity can be imagined. For example, if a bird builds its nest in a green and fruitful forest, in a beautiful high place, upon a strong tree, and at the top of a lofty branch, and if it finds all it needs of seeds and water, this is its perfect prosperity...

Therefore, it is evident and clear that this wealth, this comfort and this material abundance form the complete prosperity of minerals, vegetables and animals. No riches, wealth, comfort or ease of the material world is equal to the wealth of a bird; all the areas of these plains and mountains are its dwelling, and all the seeds and harvests are its food and wealth, and all the lands, villages, meadows, pastures, forests and wildernesses are its possessions. Now, which is the richer, this bird, or the most wealthy man? for no matter how many seeds it may take or bestow, its wealth does not decrease.

Then it is clear that the honor and exaltation of man must be something more than material riches. Material comforts are only a branch, but the root of the exaltation of man is the good attributes and virtues which are the adornments of his reality. ...universal wisdom, intellectual perception, scientific discoveries, justice, equity, truthfulness, benevolence, natural courage and innate fortitude; the respect for rights and the keeping of agreements and covenants; rectitude in all circumstances; serving the truth under all conditions;...This is the prosperity of the human world! This is the exaltation of man in the world! This is eternal life and heavenly honor!..." (Some Answered Questions)

Though exhausted from all the jumping around and reading, the little cat boys felt very prosperous, and generous kitties that they are, they filled their paws with as many kisses as it was felinely possible, and blew them in the air for all.

Enjoy these late summer days...


PS-check out the giveaway from Kristine...oh the boys are so in love with her and have asked for airplane tickets to Denmark!


  1. Those pictures of Mr. Puffy Pants focused on the butterfly have me oohing and aahing out loud. Sooooo cute! Gussy Gus is also adorable.
    I feel so wealthy in love and friendship and with Lily and my woozle. I do wish my finances matched my wealth.;-)

  2. Dear LBR, I agree, it is nice when the finances match the true wealth but realizing where our true wealth is, is really liberating! PuffyPants and Gussy have me by the scruff of my neck...I am so their slave that it is not fair at all xoxo

  3. Aww, puffy pants looks adorable in the bushes. He looks like a super model. And then there is Augustus, up side down, laying on the concrete, letting Ollie do all the butterfly work, poor puffy pants.

  4. (Mr. Puffy Pants, lol) I just love seeing the cat boys in action.

  5. Amanda and Alice, I feel like kitty is not easy! : ) xoxo

  6. I love you Mr Puffy Pants! Anybody that hunts squirrels is a okay in my book!


  7. I'm with LBR....I LOVE LOVE the photos of your kitty loving the butterfly (very beautiful).

    Do you know the book of photography called Ernie (by Tony Mendoza)? You would LOVE it:

  8. Hannah...thanks for the info on the know that I have to have it...watching kitties is both my downfall and my therapy! xoxo