Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What happens during some early mornings...

I wonder what these two have in mind for me today!One set of track marks, I wonder who keeps running back and forth...a lion perhaps?...
and another set of paw prints, is this a jag?...The good detective that I am I spot one little dude
staring at me from above....
and out of the blue appears this other fellow..."Were you looking for me?", he says.

Later we looked at some pictures that kitty mom took on her Saturday walk...

and read the following story...

The Jackal who pretended to be a Peacock.
A jackal fell into a dye-pit, and his skin was dyed of various colors. Proud of his splendid appearance, he returned to his companions, and desired them to address him as a peacock. But they proceeded to test his pretensions, saying, "Dost thou scream like a peacock, or strut about gardens as peacocks are wont to do?" And he was forced to admit that he did not, whereupon they rejected his pretensions. Another story, also on the subject of false pretenders, follows. A proud man who lacked food procured a skin full of fat, greased his beard and lips with it, and called on his friends to observe how luxuriously he had dined. But his belly was vexed at this, because it was hungry, and he was destroying his chance of being invited to dinner by his friends. So the belly cried to God, and a cat came and carried off the skin of fat, and so the man's false pretences were exposed. The poet takes occasion to point out that Pharaoh's pretensions to divinity exactly resembled the pretensions of this jackal, and adds that all such false pretenders may be detected by the mark noted in the Book, "Ye shall know them by the strangeness of their speech." This recalls the story of Harut and Marut, two angels who were very severe on the frailties of mankind, and whom God sent down upon the earth to be tempted, with the result that they both succumbed to the charms of the daughters of men.

A pair of delighted cat boys filled their paws with kisses and blew them in the air wishing all a lovely Wednesday!



  1. I wish I had video of Lily chasing peacocks. She goes into serious hunting mode. It is funny to see how the peacocks torment her by coming to the window. It drives her CRAZY. But when she gets out they run/fly and squak away as fast as they can.

  2. It has been years since I have seen a peacock! My elementary school had them all over the grounds, and they would chirp and chirp and chirp.

    Ollie looks perturbed, as if his throne is being compromised! hahah

  3. Gorgeous (kitties and peacock). Are there peacocks in your neighborhood?!

  4. LBR-I would love to see Lily chasing peacocks...where do your peacocks come from ?
    Amanda and Hannah, The peacocks I believe hop/fly from the LA arboretum, which is some 10 miles away. They are free and so every now and then a few come into town. They are amazing. I once saw three together off of a busy street!!!

    Happy Thursday everyone!