Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"If I wrote down all of my feelings for you"

7 a.m., 28 September 2010, somewhere inPasadena, CA, two cats, Augustus
and ???


gave in to the heat!

I read to them a short story:

Once the rats and mice held an important conference the subject of which was how to make peace with the cat. After a long and heated discussion it was decided that the best thing to do would be to tie a bell around the neck of the cat so that the rats and mice would be warned of his movements and have time to get out of his way. This seemed an excellent plan until the question arose as to who should undertake the dangerous job of belling the cat. None of the rats liked the idea and the mice thought they were altogether too weak. So the conference broke up in confusion. (Portals to Freedom)

and played for them music to boost their self-esteem.

Cat boys filled their paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air for all the wonderful yous!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Augy!!!!! And Ollie, that little bits of white fur. And those legs!!! Those legs!!!!!!!
    Thank the boys for the kitty kisses. Please tell them that I send them oodles of kisses. And what a lovely story you read your boys. I am sure they loved it too.

  2. I think they are thinking of you... xoxo

  3. Eureka, a bell on the neck of my kitty...

    Thanks for the idea lovely,

  4. Michaela, No bells, no bells...you want those mousies caught, right? : )

  5. OMG! I just want to scoop Augustus up and snuggle with him. With his mousy and all...he is adorable! And as usual Ollie looks comfy and content!
    BTW- that pic of Augustus should be in a magazine-freaking adorable!!

  6. First time to visit your blog! How marvelously you have caught your cats in the pictures! A sweet story too!

  7. Cutest photo's ever!!!!

    Bells are good for saving birds, with mice and rats, all is fair game!

    xo, Ro

  8. Kisses back to the kitties. I love that story about the rats and mice and the cat.

  9. Thank you Mrs. Little Jeans, for your amazing compliment on AB Home's Designer Challenge!!! I LOVE that you can see yourself in my space with your kitties. To me, design is about creating spaces people can really LIVE in. It's the ultimate compliment that you responded to the space that way.

    Thank you!! Happy Friday.

  10. I am loving the mashed faces. Especially with mice/wall as pillow.

    Yesterday, my cat spent almost 8 hours crammed into a tiny Victoria's Secret box. They are weirdos.

  11. okay, no bells... no mice:)