Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to read cats...

I have this feeling that I no longer need to comment on the photos because most of you read the boys accurately.
For example, on this particular afternoon, Olser boy was demanding a lot of attention and as I was preparing to chat with Augustus he jumped up on the patio wall to block the conversation. He is ginger cat with a ginger personality and we all know it.

This is obvious- August is trying to enjoy the moment in spite of his little brother horsing around.

This is not an innocent look. With his sideway glance he is telling me that if I don't stop with the photo shoot he is going to punish me in some unknown fashion.

The rest are all too obvious. Kitties are all ears...

Feel free to tell me what this look is...I already know it.

I had no particular thoughts in mind, just enjoying the moment with the cat boys. I decided to think about this...

"The language of kindness is the lodestone of hearts and the food of the soul; it stands in the relation of ideas to words, and is as an horizon for the shining of the Sun of Wisdom and Knowledge.” (Gleanings)

And yes, yes, they did fill their furry paws with kisses and blow them in the air for you. : )



  1. Pensive, that look...

    Such creatures of utter independence,
    They like to think quite a bit about what they are going to do, and I feel every move is deliberate, debated, and most often in their own interests...

    Now, the quote describes the best of the best in human nature, cats aside.

    Love's it.


  2. A good guess, and I think over 50% accurate...what is he thinking though? Good seeing you M! xoxo

  3. With a swish of the tail and a twitch of the ear~ Yes, if you know the signs you can definitely read the kits~

    ♥ this post~



  4. You should photoshop in some thought bubbles! :)

    My cat Quincy is talented at giving me disparaging looks--most often, her looks says, "I am not amused." or "This couch is mine" or "I will now knock down all of the change on the top of the counter. What are you gonna do about it?!"

  5. Adrienne- I see you speak several languages! xoxo
    Hannah- Quincy sounds like a relative of Ollie and August! And you are so right, I need to capture the thoughts in bubbles...I hope this idea does not get shelved on my "one of these days to do list"


  6. I love how he blocked your conversation :) (what a mane of fur he has, btw, he's looking particularly lion-like in these pics!)

  7. Olser really knows how to ham it up, very cute and his brother looks like he's in a Rousseau painting with the palm foliage in the background.

    xo, Ro

  8. Ollie always looks like such a wise sage. Full of deep knowledge, and thank goodness Augustus has him!

  9. That last shot of Ollie is a pose we call "squatty cat" in this household (as opposed to "kitty loaf" which is when they look just like a freshly risen batch of bread with a head). Squatty cat generally means the following:

    "You're irritating. I'd like to be comfortable but I have a feeling that if I commit and wrap my paws inward then you'll try to touch me, or photograph me, or I'll suddenly realize that two feet away the concrete is way more cushy and need to move."

    How'd I do?

    ** HA! word verification is "downsie" **

  10. Alicia-Ollie gets jealous of attention given to August so easily an he cannot control his emotions

    Rochelle-you are so right, and I know, that pose of August is kind of fit for a painting

    Amanda- I have to laugh out loud...I do believe that in spite of rivalries they love each other

    Kelly- I will be using your terminology from now on, and yessum, you are right, squatty kat is thinking one more snap shot and I am going to get really pissed..do I bite her or move or what, is she going to stop? You are well-versed in feline world, you gorgeous cat whisperer


    I will try to capture more moments to practice your vocabulary

  11. Hi MrsLittleJeans,

    I found you via Hannah.

    Your Osler boy looks like our little man Brownie http://www.financialorganizing.info/2010/09/04/brownies-big-day/

    Brownie isn't particularly innocent either.

    "Kitties are all ears..." so true.

  12. Susan, thanks for visiting...I checked out your cutie, what a story. I also see that I should visit you more frequently, I mean to get hints about financial organizing, you must be a genius to be able to do that! Until next visit! xo