Friday, September 17, 2010

Cat boys told me that if I did not convey

their weekend wishes to their friends, I'd better not show my face home. Honestly though, it was a busy week and we missed everyone.

Doodle 1 and doodle 2 wish that you all walk in sync this weekend,

that you explore together or tidy your homes,

that you look at the ripples on some body of water,

that you laugh heartily,

and that you silently meditate and say, Ahhhhhh!!!

Then the three of us thought of the same thought, "...rejoice in the gladness of your heart...", boys filled their paws with kitty kisses and blew them in the air...until next week,



  1. oh that profile! beauteous. i hope your weekend is filled with naps.

  2. that picture of Gus laughing is great!

  3. I am down with cooties, caught from children, but I shall happily nurse it away with Tulsi tea laced with Manuka honey and kitty kisses!


  4. up town- I hope the same, naps are great, and the best for you too.

    dandysandy- only gussy gets my jokes, you should learn from him

    kerin- cooties from kids are the worst beasts requiring the tenderest care...tea and honey and kisses will do the trick though...btw, I am receiving a lot of compliments on account of certain danglies I wear : )

  5. Oh, caught mine midair!!!! :)

    Sending kisses your way, all of you!!


  6. Hope you and Aug and Ollie Have a restful and restorative weekend. xoxo