Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marching to March

March rolled in with glory in our part of the and warm, soft and strong, light and dark...I am looking out of my window from down the ground level and wondering why I am not outside at this moment (I know the answer).

Earlier this morning I spent alone time with the cat dudes. Ollie the grand beast gave a bellow summoning me to let him out. I thought it was an emergency tinks call. It was not! He just summoned me to let him out and I did, crawled out of bed at 5, eyes half closed, kept rubbing them so I could see the alarm clock.

Later in the back yard where we play with the squirrels I suddenly noted that our felines are big. Here is Augustus Sweet Pants, the stretch,and there's Ollie Ollie Puffy Pants Boomba Dollie! He gallops around in the cool air of this March morning.
Minutes before there was a squirrel up a tree indicating that there just might be a
playful feline right underneath and further below
there would be a fully entertained lovely ginger cat, full of bursting emotions!
In a scene that is only normal here the three animals sat around and looked at each other.
I used this time to share with them this:

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

We vowed to not do that. Cat boys sent you pawfuls of kisses in between their games and wished you a lovely March 1st.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Ollie may have the pants, but
    oh that Augustus...
    he's got "chutzpah"

  2. wow: great quote. one to think about.

    and: love that last photo....


  3. I think those two should have their own radio show kit and cat, the cat talk boys.....meeee yow!


  4. marie- xx

    Ro- that is a great idea, they have a lot to meow about for sure xx

  5. I'm wishing you and the cat boys a very Happy March!

  6. That is a great thought for the day indeed...creating our own shadows.

    Hope you and the sun cats enjoy the weather this weekend!

  7. I like that Emerson quote, Mona!
    Hope you have a nice wknd! xo

  8. I have to remember this one, very meaningful!
    Happy weekend to you and the boys :-)

  9. I just made a cape for sweet ollie, come and have a lookie!