Friday, June 14, 2013

Graduation Day....

He was ready to go

as was he.
I think this one too...he was walking very fast on campus!
I snapped a few shots of this beautiful campus...
Agapanthus...(say it three times Kerin!)
Him or her again!
The faculty lined up for the ceremonies...
This morning...
The commencement speaker...President Coleman from University of Michigan.
 With graduation notes in the air the cat boys chose this passage to reflect upon.

The mystic and the physicist arrive at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer world. The harmony between their views confirms the ancient Indian wisdom thatBrahman, the ultimate reality without, is identical to Atman, the reality within.  (Fritjohf Capra)

 May Purrs and kitty kisses follow you this weekend!



  1. What a beautiful slide of pictures on a such sunny day.
    Oh the worried look in Ollie´s eyes, the curiosity of Augustus and the turtle in such a hurry.
    One name was mentioned?
    Is he a friend of your´s?
    I think that this Graduation Day means that your fully deserved vacation is soon to begin?

  2. purrfect passage for contemplation on graduation day.


  3. heavenly - such wise animals, my pug was nothing like that' sort of a sluggo like character with a what's in it for me, but adorable.

  4. I got it, only now read your previous post.
    The name. Sorry for mixing things.

  5. Yay for you. Finally, you will get a break, even if its just a brief one. So cute, how everyone in the neighborhood showed up for the event. Ollie in all his puzzled emotion, and that turtle! Haha!
    It really is pretty around that campus. Have a lovely Sunday.

  6. h he he! go Mona!...I am impressed!

    :)...what a beautiful day!

  7. Dear Mette...thank you for your visit...graduation is always very beautiful here...The good part is that I don't have to teach, the other part is that we get very very busy with research...I cannot say that my vacation is to begin : ( Still it is a good change that I enjoy greatly. xx

    marie- thank you soul sister xxx

    mrs gnat- xxx

    prairiegirl- no breaks for us, only changes..that turtle moved fast...he was keeping up with my walking, really amazing turtle on speed xxx

    kerin- I think of you when I see agapanthus now xxx

  8. Haha I can see Ollie and Augustus with their graduation hats on. Cheers!

  9. That is a beautiful thought....very poetic.

    Hello, kitties, and hello, turtle!

  10. LOl, "turtle on speed"! ... that yellow lion of yours almost seems to straighten up a little for his photo on this particular day! ;)

  11. Hi Mona. I've been away too long. Happy graduation! The cat boys look as handsome as ever. And spotting a turtle on its way to somewhere is always nice. Pretty Agapanthus too.