Thursday, September 19, 2013

the moments that count....

Ollie, whom shall be called Blondie today, reminded me that our last blog post was a month ago!
Augustus, whom shall be known as the Stripey today, was somewhat astonished at his brother's ability to keep time!
I too shared his astonishment but in an expected way.
We have been here and there, the cat boys usually accompany me to soften the rough edges of each day and show me the softer moment within each moment.

In the patio one weekend in August Stripey indicated that he had his eyes on Blondie.
Blondie meanwhile wondered how he could escape that gaze unnoticed.  Actually, this happens to be one of his daily goals.
Patio moments are pleasant refuge from the wild world outside...but in fact, the cat boys were telling me that the crazy wild world outside was embedded within moments that had to be counted.

I marveled at their wisdome...mostly Augustus'
because during most conversations Blondie keeps busy playing, this time on my lap,
in that carefree way only cat boys are familiar with.
We were surrounded by waves of light
that shone through us all.
The post would be way too long if we included one month's worth of we let it go.  But that last day on the patio we thought about this:


  1. I love the Emerson quote and I always love seeing your cat's little furry faces :)

  2. Optimist- hello from us all...I do too and I have to remind myself frequently at time.

  3. Well hello again! Nice to see you back. These are just great pictures. Love the cat wisdom and Emerson quote. Have a nice day with your lovelies!

  4. Hi Sanda, great to see you too...hard to imagine that I was deprived of my bloggie friends for so long...hope you too have a great day.

  5. heavenly days. where have you been??! i have missed you and the boys SO very much!!

    i love this post. i'm going to visit it often!!


  6. marie- we all missed you...sooo busy that I did not even check blogs let alone make a post...whew...great to see you xxx

  7. Sooo good to see you all again! I've checked in every so often (while neglecting my own blogging;) but ofund the place so quiet ...
    I've certainly missed Stripey, Blondie & Co! And that yellow bellied furball on your lap ... irresistible! As cute as those striped toes peeking over the wall! :D

  8. beautiful photos of darling feline philosophers! Wishing the three of you a wonderful September

  9. One picture says so many words and you shared many pictures, all so special.
    Good to see you and the boys!

  10. Well, you've been missed. Obviously.
    I've wondered where you've been, what you're doing, how the landscaping and dirt piles are coming along.
    That Blondie! Look at his paws crossed! He makes me smile. Reminds me so much of my Sherpa. I know, I tell you that all the time. I've missed Stripey too. I like nothing more than visiting your space tonight. xxx

  11. Nancy, great to see you...It was so hard being away and cat boys have to try to be more regular...xoxo

    Anna- it is so nice to see you...we too wish you a beautiful september

    Mette, great to see you...thank you...I have visited you and been unable to comment ..your times with your grand daughter are so special and peaceful xx

    prairiegirl- what happened to summer!!! The dirt pile got finally cleared took a long time but that does not mean that more is not going to happen, so exhausting...yes, Ollie is like yours and I don't get tired of hearing good to see you, I was so busy that I did not even check blogs...hope things get better xxx

    Marillia- thank you...are you back from vacation? xx