Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two wise cat boys...

Well, the camera is back and I still see one dust particle in addition to bonus noise when the lens moves in and out to focus but I have chosen to ignore those bonuses.

Last Sunday was my first chance in a long long time to spend quality time with the cat boys.  They took me to the back yard where we sat in several different configurations and we pondered.  The game was and always is to figure out who is thinking what, and simple as you might think that would is not because these two cat boys have profound thoughts in their heads, thoughts that are frequently interrupted by other not so profound thoughts.

Augustus the Sweet Pants was on the wall for some time and then chose to go through the rubble and cobwebs to relax on the narrow railing.
Down below and in front of him was Ollie with his cinnamony Puffy the sun he was more cinnamon than ginger.
I looked at the leaves that were stretching out towards the sun and imagined this to be the relationship between our souls and its creator ...I thought how wonderful it would have been if this relationship did not have to be defined with words that confused it...why not just energy flowing from the sun to the photosynthetic centers of those leaves, naturally, unabashedly, freely.  One can see a lot in bright sunlight.
The Panther decided to move back to the wider wall 
while Ollie admired him 
from several angles.

So here's what we three have been focusing on these days, the Four Agreements from the Toltec Wisdom Book:

Be impeccable with your words.
Don't take anything personally.
Don't make assumptions.
Always do your best.

It is kind of interesting to me that the cat boys do this naturally but I have to practice it and I feel freer for it.  Since the days are passing by rapidly cat boys asked me to send you their best wishes for a Merry Christmas and pawfuls of their sweet kisses.  Until next time...



  1. welcome back to camera world, little cat boys….

    love and kisses and holiday cheer, on the wind….


  2. The four agreements book is a treasure, isn't it?!!
    I changed my mind when I read it.
    It changed my world when I read it.
    Everyone I knew got that little book as a gift when it first came out. I wanted everyone to feel like I did. Better!
    Christmas is almost here, so I will wish for you and sweet & puffy a beautiful time.

  3. It really is nice to spend quality time with our furry friends isn't it? I always try to spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with my cat Ruby each day.

  4. marie- it is nice to be back in the camera world even if it is dusty... love right back to you xoxo

    prairiegirl- I love the book because the suggestions are so practical and is emancipating...xoxo

    Optimist- Ruby is lucky! 30 minutes quality time. I have to admit that I spend more than that, so much so that even when they are not around I feel they are watching me...Happy Holidays to you

  5. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. I love the four agreements. If we all lived by them what a calm world we would live in.

    We can learn a lot from our kitties.

    I hope you, your loved ones and your cat boys have a warm and wonderful Christmas.

  6. Welcome back to you and the Cat Boys! The cat boys have shared wonderful knowledge today. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!

  7. Thank you dear Grace...I love those agreements...hope your christmas and new year are especially delightful and blessed xx

    Sanda- Merry Christmas to you and your family..yes, these cat boys are amazing : )

  8. Dear Mona, hope you're having a wonderful holiday with love and rest :)

    Best wishes for 2014!!!

  9. Funny story about the camera repair man - did he think you lured birds with your seeds, for the boys to play with? But even funnier: imagining Sweet Pants and Gingerella chewing snacks while watching the squirrels putting on a morning show for them! ;)

  10. I'm happy to read you've got your camera back. Despite the bonus features, it makes wonderful pictures!
    I hope you and the cat boys had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best and lots of tranquil moments in the garden in the coming year!