Thursday, February 6, 2014

The situation room....

A very handsome dove was sitting in the branches, no need to seek shelter because his 
 ginger hunter was easily out of reach.
 I felt I had to soothe his nerves with some treats that he counted carefully
 and a little bit of coffee, which he did not care for so
 we went to the cement pond.
 In another corner I was more fascinated by the leaves,
 so beautiful that I had to show Ollie and then
 he had to think about the leaves himself.
 On the other end of the courtyard a certain jaguar-like young cat was carefully observing a bird much like a scientist would except that he really really wanted to lick its lovely face.
 A squirrel came to distract the big jaguar, and that
 he succeeded to do.
Walking around the complex I came across this cactus that I liked so much.  We may have to go and buy one.

First, the title of this blog has nothing to do with the content.  Ollie has learned a new word and he pretends that every room and every place he visits is "the situation room".

Second, we prepared this post a few days ago when the sun was shining gloriously and this afternoon, when I have the time to post it, it is raining equally gloriously.  It feels like a serious spring at the moment.

We have come to respect, cherish, love more than before, long and get sustenance from our friends.  Nothing has changed really.  However, as we get to know each and every one better we see more of their respective beauties.

There are unlimited quotes on friendship and I gave Ollie the task of finding one but until he does we three decided to enjoy this one:

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.”- Emerson

Ciao everyone...may you be followed by sunshine and your favorite animal.  Kitties send love and pawful of kisses.


  1. Nice photos. I like the cactus, too. The rain sounds like very good news. Do your cats like to go outside when its wet or raining? Mine don't seem to be bothered by wet conditions!

  2. What Emerson said. Wow.
    I count my lucky stars for the friends I have.
    Has Gingerella always worn a collar? Guess I've not seen it before. It's pretty. Is it shiny? ;)
    And I agree with you on having a heart cactus of your own!

  3. mrs gnat- missed you last night and thank you

    sanda- Augustus loves walking in the rain; Ollie does not...naturally, they have to be opposite each other..happy friday to you

    prairiegirl- thank you for your lovely card...Gingerella was not wearing a collar and I am surprised that he was so agreeable. The reason for putting a collar on was because one day a neighbor noticed that someone was trying to steal him. Also, I have written a note on there (why it looks shiny) asking people not to feed him. He needs to lose a few pounds and we are not successful (my own fault of course)...yes..Emerson takes the words right out of hearts, doesn't he...thank you for your delightful friendship xx

  4. Oh no - a cat on caffeine could be a threat to national security!! :)

  5. love a heart cactus….and a kitty counting his treats….and a jaguar sitting in focus.


  6. Hi Optimist- ha ha... too cute

    marie- I LOVE that cactus...and the other sweetnesses that are furry and walk on four xoxo

  7. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment! Sorry I've been so awol lately! Nice to visit you and the CB's again! xx