Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring is here all too fast...

even though not fast enough for those who have endured a long and hard winter.

The skies that cover our complex belong to heavenly places, we are so thankful for the blues and greens and the white smeared above us.

Down below a few flowers adorn the beaten land of our back yard only once a year and that seems to be just enough, making us appreciate their beauty even more.
Two cuties pies were exploring.

Cat boys were thinking about this

"For intellect conceives not save limited things. Verily, bound by the realm of limitations, men are unable to gaze upon things simultaneously in their manifold aspects. Thus it is perplexing for them to comprehend that lofty station. No one can recognize the truth of the Middle Way between the two extreme poles except after attaining unto the gate of the heart and beholding the realities of the worlds, visible and unseen."

--The Báb, The Gate, Spiritual Teacher

and when they shared it with me I thought I had no idea what they were saying.  That's what I get for sending the boys to ashrams were they obviously meditate a lot and become acquainted with the abstruse!

Cat boys send you big purrs and little purrs....

Ciao everyone!


  1. I think I need to do time at an ashram.
    Beautiful week to you all! Kiss kiss.

  2. So glad the lions are willing to take the time to sit for us, he he!

  3. Spending time in an ashram with the cat boys sounds marvelous :-) Big sigh! I wish I could do that right now!

    Enjoy your spring explorations, intoxicating smells and sounds of life. Hugs & kisses from me & Rufus

  4. ah...Happy Spring to you my dear Mona and cat boys!

  5. Thank you ALL and HAPPY SPRING TO EVERYONE xx

  6. happy spring kisses on the wind!! xx

  7. I've been away far too long. I'm glad the cat boys are doing well. And you are too. Lovely photos and prose as always.

  8. Oh, now I have images of the boys doing yoga! :D Lovely, lovely indeed ;)

  9. Mona!
    Oh how I've missed you. So great to see the boys too, I've definitely missed them and their adventures. I must confess...I have a bit of a paw fetish too!

  10. Haven't seen a post form you in a while!! I hope all is well :)

  11. Hello Mona
    I miss seeing you, Ollie and Augustus. I was reminded of you this week as we observed the feral cats who sit proudly on the town wall which surrounds our garden.
    Hope all is great with you