Friday, November 14, 2014

November strolls

On this particular morning Gussy examined Ollie closely...I think Ollie had tuna on his breath.
The rose in the courtyard looked particularly lovely until I noticed that is was hosting a bunch of bugs under its sad.
The big Orange was running around hastily, a new strategy he has devised to confuse his brother Augustus, and to disappear for the day.

I have told MrLittleJeans that he should try to hire people like Ollie who are so anxious to go to work each day...he is truly remarkable!
Augustus told me that he knew what Ollie was up to and that he just played along so his younger brother would feel good.  He knows the hiding place quite well.  I laughed at his funny face.
Moments later Augustus was himself distracted by could-it-be possibly mice..., and our neighbor confirmed that she has a lot of mice.  I felt concerned.
Later that same morning Augustus Sweet Pants tried to show me one of his ancestral poses.  He is a rock star!

It is Friday all too soon...
Work is busy all too much...and yet, magically, we love it.  I am pretty sure we do.  Hmmmm??

When we are busy we cannot think of words too much, they become unnecessary, how could that be, but it be!

We wink at each other a lot.  Cat boys send you love and best wishes for a happy weekend...let's see if we can do this again soon.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Yes, words aren't important if your busy!
    Thoughts are though. ;)
    Is Ollie for hire?? Do you think he would mind going to the library to work for me today??
    There are tuna treats in it for him!! :)

    1. I agree Lynn..thoughts are more powerful. Ollie would go to library to look for mice especially if tuna is served periodically : )

  2. i miss you.
    and i miss the boys.
    so good to see you all, here….

    love and kisses on the wind!!


  3. Love Augustus' ancestral pose! xo

  4. I always love the pictures of those furry felines :)

    I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. Such a sweet story and photos. The boys are as delightful as ever and the rose is pretty regardless. Sending hugs.