Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early morning one day in March

Not all early mornings are created equal and every morning when we go out to check the neighborhood, our back yard, we go as if we are going there for the first time.

Usually Ollie and I go there first and then Gus joins us from the wall above.  Every morning he likes to go say hi to the neighbor across the wall, Pam.  I know he goes there because he smells like perfume and cigarettes.
This morning we were blessed with parrots again, a sight that I can never get enough of, and so there are a bunch of parrot photos in this post.

I love that they are so smart to go sit up high and bathe in the warming rays of the morning sun.

I love that they go from tree to tree with their squawks.  The pine tree looks like Christmas to me.

They are such big parrots.

Down below one intelligent cat has expertly camouflaged himself...that would be Mr Stripey of course.

Parrots again,
and parrot butts,
and sitting parrots.
Gingerella (Ollie) who both freaks readily and has to also make a get away without his brother noticing starts casually strolling away
making sure that our glances meet, and that means that you see where I am going.  Yes, I do.
I look out and the morning is in full swing.
The squirrel is watching.

I suppose I should share what us three discussed this morning, while the birds were squawking around us.

We thought about those things we consider to be the attributes of the soul (they would be like organs to the body), and they are:

1. perception
2. memory
3. imagination
4. abstraction
5. reason
6. judgement
7. consciousness
8. mental ability
9. will to act

The cat boys reviewed the list and decided that they were in a good place.  I wondered about #4 for them but they insisted they had it all covered.

We all wish you a delightful day and week.  Until next time...

Ciao from the cat boys!


  1. What a fun and interesting morning. Where does one look with such activity. Gus and Ollie's definitely have the attribute No. 9 = will to act.

    Thanks for the good wishes


    1. Dear Helen: Yes, the mornings are quite interesting before the humans get out. Cat boys and I send you love. : )

  2. that parrot tree is crazy-wonderful - !

    and, yes, the catboys have that list fully covered.


    1. pencil fox, I have to say that the parrots are one of the marvels of this area...I see them throughout the day as they go from tree to tree as a group... xx

  3. Parrot butts!! Hahahaha!
    The list, well I question the cat boys and number 5. I think they might tend to be a bit impulsive and throw reason aside. Especially when those squirrels are around! ;)
    Have you seen Parrots of Telegraph Hill? A documentary on the San Francisco Parrots. Wait one second. I'm sure I've asked that same question here before...I dunno. I just know you would love it.
    I so much enjoy your patio days. Like a zoo. :)

    1. I have to agree with you on #5 at least for Gingerella...he gets very emotional when he sees birds and mice and other critters, he has a wild imagination.
      I did not know about the Parrots of Telegraph Hill,, will check it out for sure.
      The patio is a great place before humans emerge. : )