Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day of rest... a few favorites

a tulip tree in bloom,

an Italian cauliflower looking like an outer space galaxy or aquatic colony,

the Ollie cat in deep concentration,

the August cat standing tall,

the August cat enjoying the Sunday fresh air,

and likewise Ollie cat, only in a slightly different way!

Hoping that everyone had a pleasantly restful weekend and perhaps a few kitty kisses!



  1. I love it when the kitties relax with the paws in the air, very secure kittens to sleep that way. I love the tulips! It will be a ways before we have a peak of spring here. Have a great week.

  2. :)
    I've never seen one of those cauliflowers before. Wow! I think I want them in my wedding bouquet. That is of course if I ever get married! ;)

  3. ...OH how glorious...time to visit YOU...& the cat boys...

  4. Andrea- it was the first time I saw one too...I thought it was a sea creature, and when you start planning lovely mademoiselle, I will start searching : )

    A visit would be delightful- we are at that point in the season where we will go through a very fast spring!

  5. That Italian cauliflower is amazing! Have a super week. xo