Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Les pedi una pregunta simple...

I asked our doodles a very simple question. What do you two cats want in this world?

They said, without any hesitation of course:

" uplifted heaven, an outspread earth, rising suns, gleaming moons, scintillating stars, crystal fountains, flowing rivers, subtle atmospheres, sublime palaces, lofty trees, heavenly fruits, rich harvests, warbling birds, crimson leaves, and perfumed blossoms..."

'Pulling my leg again', I thought but a good list to envision. I asked them no other questions, those smart boys are fast.

We wish all a wonderful Miercoles and cat boys send all pawfuls of kisses!



  1. So nice to see the sunshine on the cat boys. xo

  2. They are very clever little cats...Have a happy weekend. xv