Thursday, February 18, 2010

It was an ordinary night...

I was horsing around with Ollie

while August was loving his new valentine mouse.

I suddenly thought about the talk I had attended the night before- how to teach love to children. As I said, 'Boys, let's talk about love!', Ollie ran to the table

and expressed his opinion this way:

'Too smart for me', I said but it is easy to love lovely ones and not so when they are not.(psst- no one cyber readers would know)
Ollie did not skip a beat and suggested that I try a different attribute to focus on.
He meowed, 'How about being thankful? You meow (know) that thankfulness brings happiness to the soul."
I wasn't sure what to think of all this, the talking cat and his cat wisdom! However, I took his advice and decided to focus on thankfulness.
I am thankful for muchas cosas y personas.
August was thankful for Mouse Mail courtesy of Viva Le Chat! Thank you Robyn!

And Ollie too thought that MouseMail was a good thing to be thankful for!

O Friend, In the garden of your heart plant naught but the rose of love...
Hidden Words

Cat boys and I wish everyone a lovely evening embellished with thoughts of thankfulness, and the regular serving of cat kisses!



  1. I would say it sounded like an extra-ordinary night!!

  2. I suppose that would be more correct...thank you for stopping by...My cats say hi to yours and to you!


  3. hope you have a wonderful weekend, we finally have some warm weather tomorrow . The cat boys are in rare form xxx

  4. Ollie destroys me. I am like catnip in his furry boys. August is also heaven in a fur suit. Too CUTE!!!!

    Happy weekend, dear you! And love to the boys!!!

  5. Thank you ladies....hope yours was a great one!


  6. ...oh friend...i can smell your rose garden all the way here...

    ...i'm thrilled you are...praying for turquoise...

  7. Yes, Nancy, and as soon as I wore it I called in rain!!! I know you have the original...isn't she a delight?