Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Changing this world around...

When I said "let's talk about changing the world around"

August looked up and gave me the look!

Ollie, on the other hand, dashed off!

So I shared what I had been reading on the theme of social transformation, socio-economic development and the like.

It is not a secret that we (for the most part) live in a world that considers conflict as a natural expression of human existence. What if there was a paradigm shift and we chose 'unity' as the force directing social norms. Would that change our world for the better?

August suggested the following attitude shifts:

a. frank and loving instead of frank and adversarial
b. analytical and respectful instead of critical and blunt
c. confident and modest instead of confident and brash
d. knowledgeable and generous vs knowledgeable and manipulative
e. friendly and genuine instead of friendly and calculating (deceitful)
f. vigilant and open instead of defensive and suspicious
g. empowered and self-sacrificing vs powerful and self-interested
h. well-trained and nurturing instead of well-trained and cunning
i. competent and humble vs competent and overly assertive

I gasped with amazement. Where does he get such ideas in his head.
Ollie, on the other hand, quickly took to the books!

I will be spending a good deal of time thinking; this is a long list but I believe well worth the time.

Cat boys waved their paws in gesture of love and friendliness and sent a few smooches to sweeten their friends' night hours and day!



  1. ...i think cat boys...need to rule the world...

  2. Nancy, I think cat boys and Pucat can be the three mouseketeers, and they should rule the world... : )

  3. How can all of that beauty, depth and profundity exist in two furry cat bodies?

  4. I hope that you're having a great week! xx

  5. see? all that time that he SEEMS to be gazing away at fluttering petals and chirpity birds August is actually formulating his great manifesto!

  6. His manifesto?! That's it...August just fell in love with you... : )