Sunday, February 28, 2010

The weekend started off on a promising note...

lazy turtles getting ready for the weekend,

irresistable bushes of royal jasmine exploding with buds,

a very rainy Saturday leaving the air and the shamrock very fresh...

An Ollie cat boy, exuberant, checking the wet grass in his backyard playground,

and an August catboy sampling the greenery....

The weekend, filled with many many things, ended with a tired Ollie stretching into

siesta form

and a sacked Augustus!

I told the cat boys that I could not think of any reading for them...the weekend was so full, the new week is going to be so busy...I suggested to do away with the weekends because the break interfered with my rhythm...the catboys foofed, they love the weekends, and truth be told, so do I.

Wishing all a quick jump back into the rhythm of things, and muchas cat kisses...



  1. I can almost smell the jasmine from here. Have a super day! xx

  2. I love that turtle picture! It so reminds me of a painting, it makes me want to paint a painting!

  3. You're the sweetest blog reader ever. You always make my day every time I see your comment! Of course your kitteh pictures make my day too! Such handsome boys taking it easy over the weekend.

    Enjoy your week as well, and let's hope the weather stays agreeable!

  4. Madame Dove...I will try to photograph the other turtles to inspire you even more ...I bet your turtles will be gorgeous and cute!

    Hey Marina, thanks for stopping by...I love reading your blog, very fresh, simple, and delightful always! Yes, let's hope we keep having great weather : )

    xx to all

  5. Yum! Cat kisses!
    Miss Drooke is jealous of the greenery. Her cat grass died and the new has yet to sprout...
    The turtle photo made me feel vertigo for some reason! It's nice though...I love turtles. A lot...

  6. ...oh...if i could only...stretch & weekend WOULD be promising...

  7. Andrea...I think it is the angle, I took it with my iphone as I passed them and was trying different angles to cature as many as possible...don't look anymore.

    Nancy, I say the very same, ...only if I could stretch..siesta like that : ) xx

  8. You had me at the turtles - I love them!!!! :)


  9. Loved this post. Put a big smile on my face. Off to find one of my own furballs to squeeze!