Friday, August 12, 2011


They asked me about the soul!

I found this reading to share with them.

"Know that, although the human soul has existed on the earth for prolonged times and ages, yet it is phenomenal. As it is a divine sign, when once it has come into existence, it is eternal. The spirit of man has a beginning, but it has no end; it continues eternally. In the same way the species existing on this earth are phenomenal, for it is established that there was a time when these species did not exist on the surface of the earth. Moreover, the earth has not always existed, but the world of existence has always been, for the universe is not limited to this terrestrial globe. The meaning of this is that, although human souls are phenomenal, they are nevertheless immortal, everlasting and perpetual; for the world of things is the world of imperfection in comparison with that of man, and the world of man is the world of perfection in comparison with that of things. When imperfections reach the station of perfection, they become eternal. This is an example of which you must comprehend the meaning." (some answered questions)

They sent kisses, love and best wishes. I joined them.



  1. Yes, such lofty thoughts from them today :).

  2. You got some phenomenal shots, that's for sure! Happy weekend!

  3. oh, my.
    such a phenomenal reading.
    the best part: "when imperfections reach the station of perfection, they become eternal. this is an example of which you must comprehend the meaning."

    i get it: i totally get it.

    and i send *love* to you and the cat boys.


  4. Brilliant quote. And that HUMMINGBIRD!

  5. Hannah- they do have lofty thoughts and I think it is related to their lofty diet : )

    ShannonAnn- thank you..I will tell them and I know they will send you kisses..happy weekend to you as well

    Lovely fox- I knew you would get it...I am still working on it. Sending you love!

  6. Mona!!:)

    This quite reminds me of the Seth Materials in its view of the soul: I bet you'd love those books :)

    Catching and resending those kisses :)


  7. A beautiful reading, which I have re-read several times. Blowing kisses to you and the cats.
    Helen xx

  8. Yes, the human soul is eternal.

    Have a beautiful weekend with your kitty loves.


  9. The picture with the bird - is it real? Great pictures, I thank you and send kisses back to you all!

  10. MissPlume- Lovely to see you... I came across that after visiting a planetarium and was thinking wow...light reaching us from 100s of thousand light years before..blows my mind... wishing you a lovely weekend, that is now almost over .

    Sunny- I have to check those books...I can only think about such things in short doses..xo

    Helen- always sending you love

    Susan- though I read it, the concept of eternal is very foreign to me since the only life I know is this life... I know love is eternal...sending you love

    met- those birds are so real and so enticing...xoxo