Friday, August 19, 2011

We like the stillness of time...sometimes,

that is what the cat boys told me yesterday. I felt confused because up above a group of birds were swishing around doing large figure 8s in the sky but they could not be heard, we would only see their shadows fly above us. I get their meaning now that I am writing this, and I have to admit that I too prefer that sometimes.
Sweetpants is searching for a resting place so he can listen to our reading. He asked me to read him from the Book of the River, I have never heard of this book.

PuffyPants assumed his usual posture of listening, it works better for him that way!
So we read from the Book of the River:

"Similarly, ponder upon the mysteries of divine decree and destiny. Whatever hath appeared or will appear is like this river. Each thing moveth or reposeth in its proper place. But if something contrary to this natural flow of events is manifested, the order of the world becometh gravely disrupted. Couldst thou but grasp this subtle mystery, which is more hidden than any other mystery, thou wouldst find thyself independent of this and all other questions. It is for this reason that, in every age and century, as He desireth, the Unique Hidden One and the Eternal Essence manifesteth that true River and real Sea and causeth it to flow, adorning it with a new temple and a new vesture." (Baha'u'llah- Persian Prophet)

Ollie said that he had to get up to think now. I felt proud of him again.
Augustus smiled, he thought what Ollie said was too cute, him thinking!
I asked the cat boys to make kisses and blow them in the air and that they did gladly!
Ollie sending mental kisses, and
Gussy watching them fly by!

Ciao everyone!


  1. Wonderfulith shotsith wishing you a wonderfulith weekend withe the boysith :)

    xo Mockingbird Ro

  2. So far the comments are just as adorable as the post ;)

    Kisses to you and the boys!!


  3. wow. another wonderful reading:
    "....each thing moveth or reposeth in its proper place. but if something contrary to this natural flow of events is manifested, the order of the world becometh gravely disrupted...."
    i FEEL this. in my life. in my world.

    as always: loving the boys' photos....


  4. "...the order of the world becometh gravely disrupted."

    It is true, regrettably.

    Have a beautiful weekend watching your boys and birds doing figure 8s.


  5. Same over here, with the furry ones. Thank you again for the oh, too sweet pictures!
    Kisses back your way..

  6. Those cat boys sure looks puffy and sweet :)

  7. Birds overhead, seen only in shadow---we see only glances of things, maybe by what they cover up or overlap. Interesting ideas...

  8. marie- I try to accept this in my life...xoxo

    susan- sorry for the late reply...I hope you had a lovely weekend and now a beautiful week ahead xoo

    met- hope to see you this week, sending you love xx

    carolina- thank you, coming from a cat expert, oh thank you again xoxo

    Hannah- look foward to visiting you soon xo