Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dynamics of Changing Seasons

This title is the long way of saying that we don't know how to make the transition into fall.
One of our favorite things about fall is the softening of the sun. It still shines through the same leaves but does not burn them.
El Senor Dulce Pantalones gave a lazy sigh and loved it. Nothing like yawning to get that extra bit of air out of the lungs and replace it with fresh sunny air.
He then placed himself in the cat pot, temporarily that is,
and later on the stairs behind the rose bushes.
El Senor Puffy Pantalones accompanied his shadow to another corner. I love that with his shadow there are two of them to love.
The weight of the cat world on his mind he crossed his paws and assumed the posture of meditation.
I knew it was time to read even though my own mind had been jumping around from topic to topic.
Sweet Pants noticed my indecisiveness and grabbed a book and put his paw on this reading:

"O Son of My Handmaid!
Didst thou behold immortal sovereignty, thou wouldst strive to pass from this fleeting world. But to conceal the one from thee and to reveal the other is a mystery which none but the pure in heart can comprehend."
(The Hidden Words)

Enjoy today, the cat boys just sent you pawfuls of kisses!



  1. one could just about bet that the cat boys are pure of heart. indeed.


  2. Lovely kisses from the boys! Yes, the way the sun softens this time of year is exquisite...the light is so different from the summer sun, all of the colors have a certain *something* that makes me want to head for the mountains and revel in it all~

    Lovely post MLJ!



  3. dear m- they are indeed pure of heart and naughty on top of it! xx

    dear adrienne- go to the mountains...best time of year where you live, right? xoxo

  4. I also love the filtered fall light--my favorite time of year. And the air....

    Enjoy the shift!

  5. Lovely sleepy yawney pictures.

    I missed you and the kitties...