Monday, September 19, 2011

It is still one of those a little bit of this

and a little bit of that type of months. The cat boys wanted to know if there was a name for these types of months. We three stared at each other for some time.
I pointed out to them a little sunflower that had volunteered to grow just next to the white roses. They were impressed, slightly only.

I soon found them in a spot only two cats with exquisite taste would discover, the gentle shade of leaves, a cool tree pot, only the surface layers of earth warmed by the sun, a dry cement ground with ample room for rolling around in the safety of big cat brother's eyes.
Augustus Sweet Pants...
Ollie Puffy Pants...
For reasons that are no longer clear to me I had planned to read them this, and once I saw them it did not seem relevant but here it is, from Promulgation of Universal Peace:

"Let us not regard our own respective capacities; nay, rather, let us regard forever the favors and bounties of God. The drop must not estimate its own limited capacity; it must realize the volume and sufficiency of the ocean, which ever glorifieth the drop. The tender and simple seed, solitary though it may be, must not look upon its own lack of power. Nay, rather, its attention must ever be directed to the sun, in the rays of which it finds life and quickening; and it must ever consider the downpour of the cloud of mercy. For the bounty of the cloud, the effulgence and heat of the sun and the breath of the vernal zephyrs can transform the tiny seed and develop it into a mighty tree. And may you remember that a single infinitesimal atom in the ray of the sun through a shining beam of the solar energy becomes glorified and radiant."

Seeing that I don't want our togetherness moments go unfulfilled, I played for them this, one of their favorites, and precious cat boys that they are, they really loved it.

Cat boys were in good humor, made kisses and blew them in the air for your new week.

Ciao everyone!


  1. Your cats have excellent taste, absolutely. Cats choose the best perches and lookout spots.

  2. thank you, cat boys: you have excellent taste.


  3. Hannah- I only wish I could lay down with them without appearing to be out of my mind : )

    marie- cats say you are welcome xx

    Jillian- Double Meow right back to you...I don't know if they should rule the world but I know that they rule me , I am a slave, a happy slave xx

  4. Oh, I need a kitty so bad. They are so cute!! Especially that fat fuzzy one. :)

  5. Laila- I think you should put the call out into the cosmos for a kitty, that is what we did : )

  6. Say hello to your lovelies from our lovelies! xoxo

  7. this is one eclectic posting to be sure.

    I think these are the cat days of summer.


  8. Oh I like the Master and Commander link... first time I heard of it/a movie with 17th century hunks and music from the composer Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini I gather, so thank you sweets! Also, I would dig those very same spots of shade in your yard had I a furry hide:)


  9. Susan- our lovelies say hello right back to your lovelies xx

    Ro- indeed, cats do not like rain : )

    TSL-the film is based on a book, love the music, loved the film, so great to see you xo

  10. I love all of these photos, and the thoughts around them!