Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Estan cute and estan sassy...

and that means that we live with two cute and sassy cats!

Yesterday afternoon the cat boys were sticking their tongues out at each other, unprovokedly! Or, at least that is what I thought they were doing.

Here's Mr Sweet Pants (who incidentally has laryngitis and cannot meow very well now)
and here's his accomplice, Mr Puffy Pants, with his poodle paw doo!
"Oh yes, let me pause daintily and look behind me!", meowed Ollie.
Even the sassy squirrel was confused, he was certain that they were sticking their tongues out at him, and now I realize that that was perhaps the case.
While they were roaming and grazing....in the disheveled back yard...they'd rather be in the Serengeti...
I read to them the daily read:

"Yesterday is but a dream
and tomorrow is only a vision
but to-day well lived
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well therefore to this day." (Bhagavad Gita)

When later at night I found ginger cat meditating I knew that he intended on having every day a well-lived day.
Incidentally, the cat boys made heaps of kisses for you yesterday so your November would be full of kisses and love.

Ciao everyone!


  1. I love that last photo with Ollie's paws crossed.

    Yes, let us look to this day!

  2. Your blog is so delightful. I love how you weave sweet tales out of your felines' antics. I have four cats and one of them we call "Puffy Pants." Actually one of my daughters dubbed her that. Oh how great cat minds think alike! Thank you for visiting my blog and confessing your tale of woe. At least you can say you were a youngster when you nailed that bee's nest. I was 30-something. Not a very smart 30-something either! :)

  3. So Ollie is quite back to normal, I hope? Lots of kisses for him and Augustus.
    A wonderfully chosen text, thank you so much!

  4. Susan- when he crosses his paws like that I grab him and kiss him and he does not seem to understand how cute that is...xx

    Grace- thank you, the blog content is entirely up to the cats. That is so funny that your cat too is Mr Puffy Pants- hee hee. I hope you have a great day : )

    Mette- yes. Ollie is back to normal even though he sports the poodle look and naked belly where he was shaved...great to see you

  5. I love the quote, and the kitties.

    My son has laryngitis too

    Ollie looks like a lion in the last shot :P


  6. I had no idea a cat could get laryngitis! Awesome pictures of the boys! Xo

  7. Ro- I think it's the dry weather...I did not know what was wrong with Gussy until that same day i saw a friend with hoarse voice and I knew it had to be laryngitis xx

    ShannonAnn- Between you and I, Augustus has had acne, allergies, sneezes and now laryngitis. I think he has a lot of allergies because he did not drink his mother's milk when he was little so he does not have the natural immunity. That's my theory at least. Nonetheless the poor baby can hardly squeak... great to see you xxxx

  8. Read on Mette's blog your boy Ollie wasn't in top form. From the looks of today's pics he looks recovered!
    I hope you guys are all doing wonderfull, keeping your paws in the air and enjoying some nice literature :-)

  9. love the daily read.
    love the boys in their poses.
    love you, too!

  10. Coffeeaddict-you are so sweet to stop by and wish Ollie well...hope to see you soon over at Mette's or your home, have a great day!

    fox- thank you dear friend..we love you

  11. Yikes, I didn't know cats could lose their voice! Hope all kitty health improves:)

  12. Your cats must be so well educated considering you read them all this cool inspirational stuff. LOL. And nobody ate the squirrel. I had no idea cats could catch laryngitis. Take care. :)

  13. Mark- I did not know it either and it is a very sad situation...we are going to the vet today or tomorrow

    Laila, Laila- those squirrels are so lucky...I feed them shelled sunflower seeds so they entertain our boys and they just like to pretend... xx

  14. Mr. Puffy Pants looks so contented!
    Have a lovely weekend. xo