Monday, November 7, 2011

So confusing....

Not simply because our cat boys do not observe daylight savings time changes and wake their kitty mom at 3 a.m., insistingly, not also due to the fact that the weather flip flopped between bright and sunny one moment to thunderous lightning and pouring ice-cold rain the other, not related to having to visit the vet this time for Gussy's sore many things had to take place this weekend that I could only say 'A ya ya ya yaaah', and yet I said it happily!...I felt a sort of happy to the core that does not happen all the time!

In between the hurried rushes from one end of town to the other, cats on my mind the whole time, I had to come to a screeching halt when I smelled coffee in the air. I am like cats and dogs when it comes to being able to sniff a coffee shop 5 miles away...

The 'should I", 'shouldn't I' line of questioning in my head quickly resolved itself...I told myself that even 15 minutes would be worth it and it was.

(Dear Sylvester_ you and I will be visiting this spot when you are in town)

On the home front, there was much going-ons in different coordinates and since my describing all or even the highlights would fill volumes, today, I resort to snap shots.

Fill in the holes as you wish, I am sure that you all know by now what happens chez nous every minute of every hour!

This dude, Mr Sweet Pants got a steroid shot for his throat and antibiotic for the bite on his back. He gave me the 'I love you, I hate you look' a lot. I ADORE him. He knows that I love his tail so to show his love he let me take a photograph of it.
The first pass of rain left the leaves nicely ornated with little droplets that had me enchanted.
At one time there was a leaping MrSweetPants in my view finder,
at another it was a leaping squirrel!
He made a pretty picture as he walked passed the clean raefus palm
and Mr Puffy Pants posed the dainty pose as he sensed my camera clicking.
Here he is admiring the fresh shamrock,
the hearts...all these hearts, he wanted to send them to you to show his love.
The world was no doubt created for their and our amazement so was he enjoying
these transparent birds that swooshed against the here grey skies
and there blue skies!

When I had a moment to chat I read to them a paragraph that sounded interesting to me, about physical light and its companion enlightenment.

"One of the great architects of America-Louis Kahn, spoke about how a beautiful form- a beautiful building or any beautiful form- does not really know that it is beautiful because it has no way of seeing its own beauty. But the moment it invites light to enter in (he was talking about the importance of windows in architecture) the window brings light into the inner form of the building, the light envelops the form, and the form becomes aware, so to speak, of its own beauty, and the light becomes aware of its own reality because it has a form within which to relate. Thus, even in physical relationships of light in terms of an architectural work, there is the idea of enlightenment." Otto Donald Rogers

Augustus noted how this related to us bringing light into our hearts to be transformed.

I was speechless.

This Monday morning two hours of early morning play left these two in tired and loving forms.

Rest assured that they made pawfuls of kisses and blew them in the air for you along with their best wishes!



  1. Ooh your boys are so precious. Love the photos. Glad you stopped for coffee. Looks yummy.

  2. Thank you spoil us! The coffee was incredible and the tea cake was superb, so much so that I immediately gobbled one up and asked for a second! : )

  3. a lovely mix of photos:
    dressed-up coffee.
    serene cat-boy poses.

    sending you snowy kisses from alaska.


  4. All beautiful photos. That coffee/cookie (?) pairing....YUM. I also can't resist.

    Yes, kitties are only slightly "grateful" when we have to help them (if it makes them even slightly uncomfortable). Quincy (our evil/cute black cat) was running around with a plastic bag around her body the other day like a crazy demon (it looked like a parachute around her!), and I was trying to help untangle her but she was rather irritated by me...

  5. fox- we snatched the snowy kisses xx

    hannah- thank you, the cookie was a tea cake and I got it by mistake (the label was on sth else). I am happy for the mistake because it was the most delicious tea cake ever.
    I wish you had pictures of Quincy with his parachute...that is hilarious. I can picture Quincy and you wrestling! : )

  6. Oh gosh this post has it all......

    action shots,
    healing kitties,
    a n d inspiration!

    Thanks for all of the above :)

  7. I love a good coffee shop! Those cat boys get more precious by the hour~

    hugs and love,