Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beauty Itself....

The wind was brisk and we saw the leaves falling down, not like rain that falls perpendicular to the earth unless strong winds are sweeping them away but sort of like kettle cooked potato chips falling from the skies.  We heard them falling and I am not sure why that was so mesmerizing.
There was a certain energy in that back yard.  Two squirrels hugged the pine in tight grips and Gingerella was under the impression that he could hide behind the agapanthus plant.
Mr Sweet Pants who was eating treats was examining the situation with wide eyes!
I looked above and saw the golden pile of dates hanging off the palm tree, way up high, a very nice treat for the squirrels for the days to come.
Moments later, and while I was staring at the palm being blown around I found Mr Sweet Pants high on the pine, it seems that he wanted the pair of squirrels that were stuck on that tree.
Here's the Sweet Pants high up,
then jumping across,
and then landing on the garage top.  I knew he would be up there for a while (because it is so pleasant there, I too have climbed there with a ladder), and so I started back to the condo.
On the way back I stood by the neighbor poinsettia from the last year to take a picture, and
Gingerella too stopped by to take a look.

That day we all practiced seeing Beauty Itself, pure and unalloyed...

“what if the man could see Beauty Itself, pure, unalloyed, stripped of mortality, and all its pollution, stains, and vanities, unchanging, divine,...the man becoming in that communion, the friend of God, himself immortal;...would that be a life to disregard?” 

Cat boys send you purrs and kisses...happy november everyone!



  1. LOVE the pic of Mr Sweet Pants and his wide eyes!

  2. Oh Mr. Sweet Pants is quite the daredevil, isn't he, going from tree to tree, in hot pursuit of the squirrel couple. Despite his determination, I hope he did not succeed. Cat food is much easier to look at then a partial squirrel on your doorstep.

    Love Mr. Puffy Pants' ears there in that last shot. What a pretty poinsettia... Beauty just for the sake of beauty. I love this!

  3. Optimist- Sweet Pants says thank you : )

    Grace- We still haven't been gifted a squirrel though we have received a mouse or two.
    The poinsettia is beautiful, my neighbor keeps them outdoors all year long and they faithfully return. Good to see you. : )

  4. I too have squirrels outside my window. They're wonderful to look at so I understand the curiosity of mr sweet pants :)

  5. the boys were quite active, just like the weather....!

    that quote. WOW. something to think about.

    hugs and kisses on the wind >>>>

  6. Seeing beauty itself. I'll have to try that!! ;)
    Leaves are on the trees. Then they're on the ground. But, how many times can you actually be still and witness the breaking off and falling right before your eyes? I have to say, I don't see that very often. But, I'm going to start 'waiting' for that show, for I would find that mesmerizing too! Kisses from my girls to your boys.xx

  7. mmmm ... a nice calm moment in the blogosphere. lovely :) Mr Sweetpants face in the tree is beautiful, and Gingerella warming your toes looks so fluffy and sweet, it makes me wish for a long-haired lion too! ;)

  8. Carolina- our squirrels are very sassy, are yours sassy too? xx

    MrsFox- they were very active, bouncing around truly...maybe the electricity in the dry cool air, the sounds? xoxoxo

    Prairiegirl- I think heavy snow falling is the same...something supernatural about it...boys love cat girl kisses : ) xo

    Nancy- I agree, Mr Sweet Pants is very handsome in the tree, pity the photos were all with iphone and foggy...A long haired kitty is warm... : ) xx

  9. So cute pictures!
    Have a delicious weekend!!!

  10. I can not believe that you have captured a photo of the two squirrels climbing the tree !!!!
    That cat cinnamon color, is huge, please, never in my life I saw a cat so huge :)

  11. Maria- xo

    Roberto- yes, that was exciting...and I agree that the Cinnamon cat is big...he is on a diet without success. He only weighs 17 pounds. : )