Friday, January 10, 2014

A Special Blog Post for Umber Dove

A bright and clear morning, the dove was sitting high in the silvery pink branches.
Mr Sweet Pants (his full name Augustus Gorba Stripester) and
Mr Puffy Pants (his full name Ollie Anderdunk Gingerella) who also go by other appellations
were telepathying with one of their favorite artists, the lovely UmberDove, who had been feeling less than well.

When Sweet pants sprung into action
and Puffy Pants followed suit I knew they had some good ideas.
Here they are formulating their ideas, a very precious moment for a cat mom.
They, via telepathy, contacted another of their favorite artists in Sweden, Carolina Gronholm, and asked to have tote bags made of their images
to sell for UmberDove's Get Well Fund.  Naturally, she agreed and even offered a discount to join their feline efforts.

This lovely bag, 38 x 42 cm, with long handles, will adorn your body head to toe and you may find yourself being chased on the streets.  One has the image of Super Hero Augustus who responds to distressful meows
and the other has the image of Augustus' sidekick, Ollie, who is ready to assist.
Friends, this is a limited edition, ONLY 8 available (four are ready for delivery and four are being shipped from Sweden).
The bags cost $25 each with ALL proceeds to go to the Umber Dove Family, a little token of love from the furry creatures who love her.

"In the world of existence there is indeed no greater power than the power of love."
- Abdul Baha Spiritual Leader

Cat boys wish that their love merges with all the others' to bring healing from the realm of hope to that of reality.

Ciao everyone!


  1. i want one!!
    two of my favourite friends on a bag. who would've thought….

  2. You got you want Ollie or Augustus?

  3. This is a beautiful offering going out to The Dove.
    You are everything I imagined, times a million.
    Gorba? Anderdunk? Lol totally!

  4. prairiegirl- I am happy that you like the names : )


  5. How wonderful that your cat babies adorn a bag. What a good cause. You are a kind person and your cats are always so cute with their antics.