Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Loving those ear lobes...

Last Sunday morning I was admiring furry ear lobes. A pair of them were right by my side
while the second pair was hidden in the thick green of the unpretentious backyard.
Mr Sweet Pants who had obviously heard my inner thoughts, mostly admiring his gorgeous ear lobes, glanced towards me,
and then walked over while mumbling a little bit to himself.  He can be quite talkative.
Gingerella who admires his brother greatly was observing with the usual level of keen interest.
As the two walked towards the clearing where we would sit for reflection I sensed the magnetic fields at work,
the rays of light shining brightly on us all.
We were thinking of such things that morning.

"In theoretical physics, the hierarchy problem is the large discrepancy between aspects of the weak force and gravity.  Physicists are unable to explain, for example, why the weak force is 1032  stronger than the force of gravity." -from Wikipedia

How can one lift a light object from let's say a table without effort while defying the very strong forces of gravity?
Augustus the Sweet Pants and Ollie Gingerella Puffy Pants who could not answer the question asked if I thought the strong forces of love would be able to surpass the gravitational forces.

Let's face it, the cat boys have become only more clever in 2014 and this means that I am in trouble.

They prepared pawfuls of kisses and blew them in the air with their best wishes.

Ciao everyone!

"In the world of existence there is no powerful magnet than the magnet of love."
-Abdul Baha, Spiritual Teacher


  1. No wonder the gorgeous surroundings and wonderful company inspire such deep thoughts.
    In the metaphorical sense I see gravity as a form of necessary compulsion that forces us to stay grounded and though we are therefore never completely free without it our lives would be without purpose or sense of direction and meaningless as such.

  2. Loved the introspection here. Quite thought-provoking actually. This is my favorite posts of yours :)

  3. Dear Anna- I think plants can adorn any piece of land and make it look good, and yes, I think the surroundings inspire us to reflect. We like your angle on gravity..it does ground us. xo

    Optimist- the boys meowed thank you..the post was all their doing as you know.

  4. those boys are so wise.
    i want to be more like them.


  5. Oh, I'm so behind in keeping up!
    These are lovely pictures of a bright Cali day!
    Looks like summer there. Can I come over?

  6. The boys are indeed wise marie...I cannot keep up with them. xx

    prairiegirl- yes, please come xx