Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Ollie

Ollie ollie

Dear Friends,

Our precious Ollie was killed this morning, hit by a car.  We grieve his loss.  Spring is not spring-like  today and I suppose that is called life.



  1. God, no. not precious ollie.
    i am so very very sorry.

  2. I'm so so sorry I wish I could say or do something but I'm crap at this and I'm in shock. This is not how today should have ended. Hugs for everyone.

  3. Oh Mona.
    I just now saw his adorable ginger face...and then your words. I think I dropped to my knees.
    It can't be!
    I will never forget our Ollie Ollie.
    I'm so sorry. I miss him already.
    It's quite a terrible spring, indeed.

  4. Oh no. My heart is broken, my stomach feels so empty. I am so so sorry for your loss. All of you, Mona, Mr. and Augustus.
    Much love,
    Andrea xox

  5. Oh Ollie, you will be greatly missed! I am so so sorry for your Loss Mona, my heart is broken too. Sending you my love and prayers . xoxo

  6. Dear Mona,

    I am so sorry for you tremendous loss. I am also selfish and sorry for myself as I will miss seeing his delightful face and hearing of his antics.
    Thank you Mona for sharing Ollie with us.
    Give a special pat to Augustus from me.

  7. Darling.... oh, my. I'm sending you the biggest hug of sunny up light and love ever, infused with all the golden goodness I can muster, to not only lift you up but to say thank you for all you've given to us through Ollie and Augustus. All my heart, straight as an arrow to you today.

  8. I didn't know until now. I'm heartbroken, Mona. This must have killed a piece of you too. I know. My Shelly was hit by a car a few years ago and I cried for five days straight. We now have four cats but the newer three are indoor-only. I don't think I could take another loss. I feel your pain and I'm so so sorry. He was a beauty and so well loved.