Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Saturday before Christmas...

As I took a quick walk through the Huntington Gardens last Saturday afternoon I suddenly noticed that most of the beautiful statues that embellish the many mini-gardens and paths and doorways are interestingly clad. They tend to be in the nude, but accessorized. I started thinking of the times when I put on my socks first before other items and how I'd quickly rush to dress as if someone was going to see me that way. Au contraire, these statues don't mind this look at all.
They strut about, pose, stand around in the nude, but they do carry accessories. So I stopped at the gift shop and picked up a couple of accessories!

Earlier that same day, I was busy cleaning and organizing, a lot has to be done before the arrival of kitties' grandparents. The cat boys found my doing housework interesting, and so they watched while resting.

I kept thinking to myself how handy it would be if I could watch and nap at the same time!

And yet earlier in the morning, I went to the early morning farmer's market where I found this citron.
This citron has no juice, it is all zest. I had never seen one before.

And yet even earlier, 5:30 a.m. or thereabouts, I went out with these doodles.
Doodle #1= Ollie

Doodle #2 = Augustus

The day came to an end with the going-away party for the friend who was moving to Pointe Noire, Congo:
She is dressed in the traditional Congo attire! Bon Voyage et Adieu! And two nights before she left we talked about this:

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

Wishing all a beautiful week, many accessories, a clean heart and cat kisses as needed...



  1. I can think of quite a few [husbands] who would not mind the socks-sans-rest-of-outfit look one bit.

  2. Ha ha...oh you are so naughty Madame Dove!

  3. Your friend is an adventuress! Is she going on a mission assignment? Merry Christmas to you.

  4. It looks so nice and warm where you are! The citron looks like a vegetable rendition of an octopus, scarry. What an adventurer your friend is! Casually mentioning "I am moving to the Congo" . Wow, and yes missy I will continue to put on my socks last. hehehe giveaway at my blog shshsh

  5. Hi Joyful, She is not going on a mission. Her parents have lived there for 30 years, and she is going to help the government with a public health project.

    Mountaindreamers, thanks for the notice...and I agree, the fruit is scary but smells are going to Congo, to live? My sister lived there for six years doing medical work...tough. If you are going to Pointe Noire, then you will have to contact my friend.


  6. That is one of my favorite Psalms, Mona! Hope your week is going well - Merry Christmas!

  7. I only know the Congo from what I see on television with the civil war and war lords. Also, I have learned of the plight of the pygmies

    I pray for a peaceful trip for your friend, a happy reunion with her family and a successful project.

  8. Thank you Joyful. Congo is better now than before but life is quite tough there. My friend has a lot of friends who have offered to help. I think with hard work, prayers, and perseverence she should be ok : )

    Merry Christmas to you!

  9. ...HAPPY HOLIDAY MLJ & the cat boys...i love the photo of Augustus in the basket...what a case he is...wishing you lots of love & tender vittles...

  10. Ah -- Buddha's hand (the citron)! You would love the Berkeley Bowl! ;)

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying your family time. One set of family has come and gone here, but my mother is still here, which is a good thing.

    And these are lovely pictures of the boys.

    from Jennifer, who is fully acccessorized!

  11. your friend looks lovely, reclining like that, basking in your friendship.
    5:30? up at 5:30??
    that is the craziest piece of fruit i have ever seen. it looks like a sea creature.

  12. ...HAPPY 2010...thank you for adding more life, color & cat boys...into my 2009...XOXO