Tuesday, December 1, 2009

True to their Own Little Furry Selves...

Ollie pretends to be a lion

while Augustus seems to think he is a jaguar,

and roams about!

Ollie closes his eyes and prays that Augustus is safe!

Soon after the pretend game they come down for a roll on the cement land!

Roll this way and that!

Cat boys asked me to read them something deep, and as I was imagining what these dudes believe their true selves to be, I chose the great mystic, Rumi.

The Truth is yourself, but not your mere bodily self,
Your real self is higher than 'you' and 'me.'
This visible 'you' which you fancy to be yourself
Is limited in place, the real 'you' is not limited.
Why, O pearl, linger you trembling in your shell?
Esteem not yourself mere sugar-cane, but real sugar.

This outward 'you' is foreign to your real ' you;'

Cling to your real self, quit this dual self.
Your last self attains to your first (real) self
Only through your attending earnestly to that union.
Your real self lies hid beneath your outward self,
For 'I am the servant of him who looks into himself.' "

Then they relaxed to this music.

And this was how we spent our early Monday everning.

Buenas Martes and a handful of cat kisses too...



  1. LOL , Ollie looks like a cream puff lion. My boys enjoyed this one a lot. And Rumi is totally fabulous, isn't it amazing such wisdom from such a faraway time. I am glad you have had some good hiking times in the Smokys ; )

  2. That's a great name for him, the cream puff lion! : )
    Yes, back in the 1990s I lived only 30 minutes from the Great Smoky National Park, and did nearly every trail that I could get to. What a beautiful place especially in fall and spring. Have a great week!

  3. Okay now I have to get another cat just so I can name him Augustus. I love that name. If my building did not have a two pet limit (which I already am breaking with two cats and the dog) I would get another cat. What lovely cuties.

  4. ...sometimes i think...my real self is...UP a tree...how feline...

  5. Augustus was named after the month he was found but it actually matches his personality! I love your precious Mellow too!

    Nancy, I am right there with you, every time I see them climb, I find myself ready to climb... : ) Meow meow!