Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keen Kitties...



It would seem only natural to reflect on doodle cats' keen sense of interest but they put their paws on this passage, and so we read and reflected:

"...Passivity is bred by the forces of society today. A desire to be entertained is nurtured from childhood, with increasing efficiency, cultivating generations willing to be led by whoever proves skilful at appealing to superficial emotions. Even in many educational systems students are treated as though they were receptacles designed to receive information..."
(Ridvan 2010)

I feel that the cat boys are concerned that society may have made me lethargic, uninterested, a passive bystander...I think they are telling me to show keen interest, to become an agent of change...I have many feelings that are bursting to become actions..I suddenly remember Poe's quote that I read on Crownology this morning, "I wish I could write as if I were a mysterious cat." I think the doodle cats are too smart for their own fluffy pants. They are asking all of their girlfriends to check this. Gotta' love them!!!

I actually think that I better study chemistry! Cat boys put on their lab coats and gloves and blew kisses in the air for all...mwah mwah!



  1. My Momma was asked to remove me from my 10th grade chemistry, you and the kitty boys will have to interpret the prescient passages for me!

  2. ps I am still very curious though!

  3. : ) We will be happy to tutor you, especially Ollie and Augustus! xx

    ps-my highschool teacher was terrible and so were some of the college ones...thank god for the one who was good and let me develop

  4. I would love to meet your little clever boys IRL ;)
    They have so much charisma.


    Thanks for your always sweet and positive words.
    It warms as much ;)

  5. Those boys continue to be brilliant....and you will have to be in charge of any chemistry and I just never got along! xv