Friday, April 30, 2010

White Blossoms and Perfumes of Spring...

When I shared with a certain lovely one that my amaryllis refused to bud she suggested that I perform the blossom dance. Not having the faintest idea of what the blossom dance looked like I asked August who without hesitation sprang to action and showed me the footwork.

"Do like this!", he said.

"See, hind legs crossed, front legs open."

"You practice now, I gotta go to work!", said August.

Ollie who was on the wall watching the birds and squirrels during this time had to

take a peek!

We all read this later on...because there is so much spring in the air:

"O thou seeker after truth! The world of the Kingdom is one world. The only difference is that spring returneth over and over again, and setteth up a great new commotion throughout all created things. Then plain and hillside come alive, and trees turn delicately green, and leaves, blossoms and fruits come forth in beauty, infinite and tender. Wherefore the dispensations of past ages are intimately connected with those that follow them: indeed, they are one and the same, ..."

Wishing all a beautiful weekend of blossoms and perfumes, of dances and music. Kitties blew our kisses for the entire weekend!



  1. ...oh a little twist & shout...SPRING has sprung...ain't that the truth...

  2. Looks like that old dance has worked.....xv

  3. The crossed paw move really gets to me. And Ollie up the tree is so cute. That boys can really work the camera.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  4. Oh, spring!!! I love it so.... atchooooo! - yes, allergies, too :)
    I drove right by your city this weekend on my way to a Redlands wedding - I blew you a kiss, I hope you unconsciously caught it :)


  5. Spring is in the air here, too -- and the kitties are restless.

    Hope you are having a lovely week.