Wednesday, May 5, 2010

While these two were plotting again

right in front of kitty mom, a very effective tactic to intimidate me,

I was zsinking of this, that and the other...but I will not bore you!
I decided to open my book of game plans, which had one little kitty curious
but not the other, naturally!

I reminded them both that I was not born yesterday to which August did this

while Ollie did this...(he turns his back to me a lot)!

During this month of May rascalousnous has abounded!
My more pleasant thoughts hover about FTMS not because I am going to spend most of Friday in San Diego doing this but more because I am so fascinated with it. Imagine slipping between various domains...and I suppose we all do!

We all opted for fun and humor in place of reading and reflection (O my! I am ashamed).
We watched this, snickered, giggled, and relaxed!

Cat boys send pawfuls of kisses and best wishes for a happy Cinco de Mayo!



  1. ...i was might be just the right day for...a little rascalousness...indeed...XOXO & =^..^=

  2. Ha ha....I zsink you do rascalousness everyday! xxoo