Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slacking off...

Kitty boys accused me of slacking off and of shirking my responsibilities! "True!", I said, "I cannot spend all of my time walking about with you dudes." Still I could not resist their little meows and so very early this morning I walked with them down the street.

We stopped across from what used to be an unkept house with an ungroomed garden that served as their playground(this house burnt down a few months ago and we no longer visit here).

We strolled down further to look up at the lovely pine,

then we stopped by the loquat tree with yummy loquats,

and finally we inspected the bright green fern!

And then we headed back because August and Ollie wanted to me to read them some poetry.

I wanted to tell them that I was in no mood for love poems but I decided to give in today. So there you have it, a poem by Hafiz!

SINGER, sweet Singer, fresh notes strew,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!
Heart-gladdening wine thy lips imbrue,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!
Saki, thy radiant feet I hail;
Flush with red wine the goblets pale,
Flush our pale cheeks to drunken hue,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!
Then with thy love to toy with thee,
Rest thee, ah, rest! where none can see
Seek thy delight, for kisses sue,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!
Here round thy life the vine is twined;
Drink I for elsewhere what wine wilt find?
Drink to her name, to hours that flew,
Hours ever fresh and new and new!
She that has stolen my heart from me,
How does she wield her empery?
Paints and adorns and scents her too,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!
Wind of the dawn that passest by,
Swift to the street of my fairy hie,
Whisper the tale of Hafiz true,
Fresh and afresh and new and new!

We wish everyone a lovely Tuesday with lovely strolls and love poems and pawfuls of kitty kisses, por supuesto!


After the love poem came grooming of Ollie, washing of August's little chin, one load of laundry, one load of drying, getting ready for work...a lot gets done between 5 and 7:30! Whew!


  1. What a treat!!!!!!!! I love seeing the boys in love action and hearing your sweet voice. Thank you for sharing this. And hope all of you have a Tuesday that feels fresh and anew!

  2. Aww...you make me smile...really, these boys make me work for their love!


  3. p.s. Let's make a lunch date for early June. It has been too long!!!