Saturday, May 22, 2010

We meditated together...


and Ollie,

one with eyes closed

and the other with open, sleepy eyes!

Naturally, the one with closed eyes got fell asleep

but not until we had read...

...Waft, then, unto me, ...O my Beloved, from the right hand of Thy mercy and Thy loving-kindness, the holy breaths of Thy favors, that they may draw me away from myself and from the world unto the courts of Thy nearness and Thy presence. ...

According to laws of physic, energy flows from a high point to a low point; however for this energy to flow one needs a conduit . Prayer and meditations are that conduit! This I learned from Augustus and Ollie!!!

Wishing all special favors this soft Saturday afternoon + the usual purrs and kisses from the cat boys!



  1. I feel more relaxed, peaceful and enlightened just looking at your om-cats.

  2. Ah, love to read your constant affirmations that things like meditation and quiet matter: it warms my heart!

  3. Laughing at the sleepy cat! That's how MrB watches most movies...through closed eyes.

  4. You ladies just know how to make kitties fall in love with you...Have a lovely week!

    WendyB, thanks for stopping kats asked me to buy them WendyB necklaces...I think they are spending too much time in front of the mirror