Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breathing Space...

Last night or maybe the night before I had a weird dream where I was in France taking a shower with my clothes on with a group of blog friends. We descended a tight, narrow space that seemed like a crevice in a glacier but it was all rocky and there was a faucet. I was busy lathering my hair while trying to save water for the others.

August could not make anything of this and suggested that I forget..

Ollie was ashamed to hear such nonsense and said "when I turn my back we will pretend you did not say anything"!

I suppose somethings better left that way.

This early morning kitty mom went to breakfast with a friend, then off to school to prepare for her classes, and in all likelihood took her first deep breath in the early afternoon...she remembered that August had put a note in her pocket and that note was a quote for her to read when she felt tired:

O SON OF MAN! My majesty is My gift to thee, and My grandeur the token of My mercy unto thee. That which beseemeth Me none shall understand, nor can anyone recount. Verily, I have preserved it in My hidden storehouses and in the treasuries of My command, as a sign of My loving-kindness unto My servants and My mercy unto My people.

Hmm I thought, the gift of majesty! And so, I smiled ...

Kitty boys send pawfuls of kisses and little purrs ....



  1. How odd!
    I agree with August. ;)
    I wonder how common it is to dream of internet friends? I had a dream about one of my flickr contacts awhile ago. I had saw their face for the first time a day or so before. I guess it was imprinted...
    A crazy dream (both yours and mine!)
    Was the water hot or cold?
    Very interesting!
    I LOVE that photo of August.

  2. Andrea,

    I have dreamt of blog friends quite a few times now but never showered with them. The water was comfortable because I did not even feel it. I must be longing for France if you ask me.


  3. Ollie and August I am surprised at you. It is a wonderful dream and one worth exploring.
    Here is what I might wonder if it was my dream:
    * You are in a place you love(France) and that might mean that you are in a good place in your life.
    *Being in a shower in your clothes might mean you are doing something that you would normally feel outlandish or odd and yet it is bringing you closer together with friends, creating more intimacy.
    *It feels natural( in a glacier/rocky) to be in this space.
    * In this space you are able to both take care of your own needs(your hair) and save water(emotion) for others.
    Or it could be something else!;-)
    Have a lovely weekend. xxoo

  4. Dear LBR,

    I like the interpretation but we won't discourage August and Ollie, the month of May has them awfully confused! I hope you are having a great weekend...I am so sleepy! xxoo

    Nancy... : ) Love and kisses

  5. OK - I love LBR's interpretation. Hope you are having a good Monday!

  6. I love dreams. I never catch enough of one to make something of it. but I trust my subconscious is busy sorting it out. Like the cats, the subconscious has a schedule of it's own. xx