Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After a very satisfying afternoon siesta

Augustus and Ollie came to me and spoke of their mutual dream! Have you guys ever had a mutual dream? Kitty daddy and I sometimes do, it is quite fun!

Anyhow, special cat boys that they are, they mutually dreamt of this. Augustus thinks he ought to be wearing a necklace now that he is approaching 3 years of age (in July) while Ollie thinks that the color better matches his Scottish/Swedish temperament (we think he has some Scot and Swede in him since he likes plaid bow ties, haggis, herring and reindeer). Should they win, I will wrestle them both for this gorgeous foliage necklace, which reminds me of lovely Michaela and the beautiful heartland that she paints before our eyes.

We are crossing our paws and our fingers...



  1. you are so funny....yes, kitties in necklaces....I love that...my doggies wear em and Ollie and Gussie should too..I know they will look handsome in these beauties, but even better on you! hope you win!

  2. :)
    good luck.
    it's probably long enough for two cat necks...

  3. Ha ha, actually ollie likes to have several strands, so the possibilities are endless!


  4. ...i'm dreaming the same dream too...of foliage... wrapped around my neck...& tons of kitty fur in my face...quite the sweet dream it is...

  5. Oh Nancy, you know how that is...you sure do know!
    ; )