Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When they heard "Laduree" they came running...

well, actually August was licking his lips,

and Ollie was running!

These doodles are all too familiar with the finer things, they love receiving little treats all the way from L'Hexagone!

As you see here our lovely friend Violetta is presenting me with a box of Laduree macarons. Her mom who is visiting from Congo purchased these at Laduree during her stop in Paris. I was so stunned, I could not believe that someone had read the mental blob above my head that always says..."I wish I had some macarons from Laduree" ! I have been eating every single crumb!

We got together later for dinner after she finished work, we ate, told tales and played with kitties.

Kitty boys were so excited to have guests from overseas- they kept meowing in French, and just to show off a bit more they ran into their library and selected this poem from Hafez for our evening reading:

THE margin of a stream, the willow's shade,
A mind inclined to song, a mistress sweet,
A Cup-bearer whose cheek outshines the rose,
A friend upon whose heart thy heart is laid:
Oh Happy-starred! let not thine hours fleet
Unvalued; may each minute as it goes
Lay tribute of enjoyment at thy feet,
That thou may'st live and know thy life is sweet.
Let every one upon whose heart desire
For a fair face lies like a burden sore,
That all his hopes may reach their goal unchecked,
Throw branches of wild rue upon his fire.
My soul is like a bride, with a rich store
Of maiden thoughts and jewelled fancies decked,
And in Time's gallery I yet may meet
Some picture meant for me, some image sweet.
Give thanks for nights spent in good company,
And take the gifts a tranquil mind may bring;
No heart is dark when the kind moon doth shine,
And grass-grown river-banks are fair to see.
The Saki's radiant eyes, God favouring,
Are like a wine-cup brimming o'er with wine,
And him my drunken sense goes out to greet,
For e'en the pain he leaves behind is sweet.
Hafiz, thy life has sped untouched by care,
With me towards the tavern turn thy feet!
The fairest robbers thou'lt encounter there,
And they will teach thee what to learn is sweet.

Indeed we gave thanks for a night spent in good company! Wishing all macarons de Laduree or other yummy treats! Kitty boys meowed in French and blew pawfuls of kisses in the air!

A bientot!


  1. hee hee hee...
    Love the French accented meows.
    Yum. Macaroons! Were they the best?

  2. Andrea, they were the best and I was thinking of you!


  3. love them macarons, and love Hafez, uh huh!

    this woman makes the most AMAZING macarons on this side of the Atlantic


    ( Sandra Bullock's delightful and talented sis...she lives here in VERMONT!)

  4. What a delicious and thoughtful treat! The box alone is gorgeous. xx

  5. Oh my I would love to try these macaroons,and will one day soon!!


    Art by Karena

  6. Oh ladies...I can see that I am not the only one whose mental bubble reads "macarons" : ) ...I think if we keep wishing they come to us eventually!

    kerin dearest, you are one lucky chica to have a macaron maker in vermont!!! I will check her out!

    Love to you all and a happy wednesday!xxxx

  7. Sweet boys! And macarons....ooooh, yum~