Thursday, May 20, 2010

I sometimes call them Spice Kats...

for very obvious reasons-these doodles have added a lot of spice to our lives. However I named them spice cats when my neighbor told me that she sprinkles pepper and other spices on her patio to prevent animals from coming in. It turns out that our doodles are fond of those spices and keep rolling around in them. At any rate, here are our spices:
Augustus, aka 'stretch', and

Ollie, aka 'MrPuffyPants'

Everyday is a new game! This morning I was slow getting up so Ollie jumped right into my face with the expression 'are you dead?' !!! Actually I was!

As I woke up and when they returned from their morning walk we read:

Thine eye is My trust, suffer not the dust of vain desires to becloud its luster. Thine ear is a sign of My bounty, let not the tumult of unseemly motives turn it away from My Word that encompasseth all creation. Thine heart is My treasury, allow not the treacherous hand of self to rob thee of the pearls which I have treasured therein. Thine hand is a symbol of My loving-kindness, hinder it not from holding fast unto My guarded and hidden Tablets…. Unasked, I have showered upon thee My grace. Unpetitioned, I have fulfilled thy wish. In spite of thy undeserving, I have singled thee out for My richest, My incalculable favors…. (Gleanings)

The week is almost over and kitty boys are preparing for the usual rascalnous...they are also sending their friends, mostly pretty chicas, pawfuls of love!

Hasta pronto! Ciao!


  1. Oh those boys!!! :)
    I am so glad you have a bird in your hair that they won't go after ;)


  2. I love the first line...
    "Thine eye is My trust, suffer not the dust of vain desires to becloud its luster."
    ...And to remember it when in those fits of green.
    Thanks you and the boys for these thoughts...

  3. Allison, they have been staring at me a lot...wonder why?

    Andrea, I love this passage so much...remind myself all the time!


  4. Happy weekend to you and those cheeky boys, xv.

  5. I have 3 kittys and 2 dogs - you can see Thomas on my blog - he's quite the character! Love your photos of your buddies, Jennifer at jennsthreegraces

  6. Dear MrsLittleJeans!

    Thanks for your nice greetings.
    They make me so happy ;)
    I wish that one day you could take the trip across the Atlantic and visit me.
    So that we could meet IRL.
    Have a wonderful weekend;)